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Convergence Input Element Bindings

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This module provides a set of utilities to bind plain HTML Input / Form Elements to a Convergence model. The module provides simple two way data binding between the HTML input element and a particular field in the Convergence data model. The module currently supports the following input elements:

  • Text Input Fields
    • <input type="text" />
    • <input type="password" />
    • <input type="email" />
    • <input type="url" />
    • <input type="search" />
    • <textarea />
  • Radio Buttons
    • <input type="radio" />
  • Select Elements
    • <select />
    • <select multiple />
  • Color Selector
    • <input type="color" />
  • Number Fields
    • <input type="number" />
    • <input type="range" />


npm install --save @convergence/input-element-bindings


npm install --save-dev @convergence/input-element-bindings

Example Usage

  <script src="" language="JavaScript" />
  <script src="" language="JavaScript" />
  <input type="text" id="textInput" />
  const DOMAIN_URL = "<username>/<domain-id>";
  Convergence.connectAnonymously(DOMAIN_URL).then(function(domain) {
    return domain.models().open("input-binder", "test", function() {
      return { textInput: "textInput" };
  }).then(function(model) {
    const textInput = document.getElementById("textInput");
    const realTimeString = model.elementAt("textInput");
    ConvergenceInputElementBinder.bindTextInput(textInput, realTimeString);
  }).catch(function(error) {


For now the best way to see how to use the utility is to take a look at the example.


function bindTextInput(textInput, stringElement)
function bindNumberInput(numberInput, numberElement)
function bindCheckboxInput(checkboxInput, booleanElement)
function bindRangeInput(rangeInput, numberElement)
function bindColorInput(colorInput, stringElement)
function bindSingleSelect(selectInput, stringElement)
function bindMultiSelect(selectInput, arrayElement)
function bindRadioInputs(radioInputs, stringElement)