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Common setup for fetching and updating translations using the crowdin API.


Config should go into crowdin.json. See the example file here.

On the Crowdin, go to your project -> content -> settings on the .pot file. In Resulting file after translations export, the value should be /locales/%two_letters_code%.po to get a consistent path to use. Alternatively put a languageMap in the crowdin.json setting file, mapping the language codes to the desired output.

Add the two supplied scripts to your package file:

    "upload-translations": "upload-translations",
    "fetch-translations": "fetch-translations",

upload-translations uploads the template.pot located in the configured workingDir and updates crowdin to use it.

fetch-translations downloads a zip file containing the .po files. The files are extracted and moved to the working directory. Optionally a pull request is created, featuring a more readable diff, making it easier to quickly validate the actual translation changes.

Settings overview:

Setting Description Sample value
project The crowdin 'project name'. connectedcars-mobileapp
projectId The crowdin 'project id'. Can be found on the project home page under details. 306911
CROWDIN_API_TOKEN Personal Access Token from Crowdin. Prefereably use as env var. b0088e9f...
workingDir The local directory in the project where the .po and .pot files are. locales
remotePath The full remote path /develop/locales/template.pot
extractPath The path inside the zip file crowdin provides. develop/locales
supportedLanguages A list of the languages to extract. [ "da", "de", "sv", "es", "fi", "fr" ]
languageMap Map languages to a different format. { "da-DK": "da" }
pullRequest Optional settings for creating an automatic pull request. { "githubProject": "connectedcars/mobile-app", "baseBranch": "develop" }
force Force pull request creation or source upload when outside basebranch. Prefereably use as argument: --force { "githubProject": "connectedcars/mobile-app", "baseBranch": "develop" }




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