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    If you have found this without being directed here, then this is not for you. Companion 3.0 is not ready for users yet, so you should not be targetting a module to it yet. We will make some announcements when we are ready

    This module provides the base class and framework needed to write a module for Companion 3.0 and later in NodeJS.

    In the future it will be possible to write modules in other languages, but it is not recommended as it will reduce the change of gettings other in the community to contribute features and fixes. If you interested in doing this then reach out and we can work together on creating an alternate framework for the language you are using.

    Getting started with a new module

    To get started with creating a new module, you should start with one of the following templates. These should be kept up to date, but you should make sure all the dependencies are up to date before you begin.

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    npm i @companion-module/base

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