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    Common App CKEditor

    A fork of CKEditor 5 for usage within the Common App product suite.

    Build and publish instructions

    1. Create feature branch off of develop
    2. Complete any feature work and bump package.json version appropriately according to semantic versioning
    3. Open a pull request against develop
    4. Once merged, publish to npm:
      1. Run npm install to ensure you have the latest dependencies
      2. Run npm run build
      3. If build succeeds, run npm publish
        • Depending on permissions, a senior developer may need to assist with this
        • It requires npm publishing permissions and a local login to the account with those permissions
    5. npm will email the publisher when the new version is live

    After publishing the new version to npm, go back into the product being worked on and bump the package.json file version for @commonapp/cackeditor to the new version.

    Use the specific version instead of the loose version globbing to prevent breaking changes from being pushed in future updates.


    npm i @commonapp/ckeditor5-build-classic


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