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commercetools RMF-Codegen provider package

This package provides the REST Modeling Framework's rmf-codegen CLI to javascript projects without separate installation or version choice steps.

The RMF-Codegen version is defined via the rmfCodegenVersion property in package.json and refers to the GitHub release version of RMF-Codgen.

RMF-Codegen is a java program. Java needs to be available on the command line to run the rmf-codegen commands. Binary executables are possible but not provided as pre-built downloads yet. Read more...


A Java 8 or newer java runtime is required to be installed and available on the path. rmf-codegen is downloaded automatically at install time.

rmf-codegen was chosen over other (native JS and/or official) RAML parsers because it proved to be the only implementation that can correctly and reliably load even extremely large API definitions in very short time where others fail to load the same API definition at all.


Typical usage is to include it as a development dependency

yarn add --dev @commercetools-docs/rmf-codegen

and then run it inside the project directory

npx rmf-codegen

See the RMF-Codegen README for all available options and features. Alternatively refer to the help output of the bundled rmf-codegen for current options and details, for example npx rmf-codegen generate

You can provide the command globally too via npm install -g @commercetools-docs/rmf-codegen, but for this purpose it may be better suited to use the install script directly provided by RMF-Codegen.


To update the rmf-codegen version, update the custom rmfCodegenVersion property in package.json.

The rmf-codegen JAR is downloaded from the project's GitHub releases page.

For more help on getting an appropriate version, create an issue here - https://github.com/commercetools/rmf-codegen/issues.

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