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    🖥️ Codotype UI components - built with React + Typescript

    Getting Started

    Run the following commands to install dependencies and start developing

    yarn install
    yarn storybook


    • yarn dev - run webpack in watch mode
    • yarn storybook - runs the Storybook server
    • yarn build - builds the NPM package
    • yarn test -u - runs Jest + updates test snapshots
    • yarn lint - runs EsLint
    • yarn prettify - runs Prettier


    • Includes ESLint configured to work with TypeScript and Prettier.

    • Includes tests with Jest - note that the babel.config.js and associated dependencies are only necessary for Jest to work with TypeScript.

    • Recommended to use Visual Studio Code with the Format on Save setting turned on.

    • Includes Storybook configured to work with React + TypeScript. Note that it maintains its own webpack.config.js and tsconfig.json files. See example story in src/**/__tests__/*.stories.tsx

    Built with

    Misc. References

    Marketing Website TODOs

    • What's your rate?

    • Landing page for Create Next App (working title)

      • Single landing page
      • Derived from Tailwind UI
      • "Powered by Codotype"
      • Free?
      • Needs dedicated documentation site (probably dedicated domain too)
      • Needs dedicated file
      • Privacy Policy
    • FEATURES added to Create Next App (working title)

      • Putting together roadmap
      • Dependency updates
      • New features -> simple!
    • Landing page for Create MERN App (working title)

      • Single landing page
      • Derived from Tailwind UI
      • "Powered by Codotype"
      • Single-time purchase of $19.99
      • Needs dedicated documentation site (probably dedicated domain too)
    • Landing page for Codotype (company)

      • Links to Create Next App (working title)
      • Links to GitHub + Documentation
    • Landing page for ts-find-unused?

    • Landing page for AkroMills organizers?

    UI TODOs

    • Cleanup brand colors to be primary instead of indigo

    • Remove references from Codotype from the UI

      • QUESTION - pass in custom copy for finished view + header + else?
    • Tighten up EVERYTHING


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