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React Archetype Plugin

React Archetype is a cli tool designed to facilitate the creation of reactive applications. It allows you to generate apps based on different rendering strategies and architectural patterns.

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Our aim is to make app generation as easy and compatible as possible. The goal is to provide unopinionated templates with the latest tools and technologies that are available in the market.


Ease of use: All you need to do is run a single command, npx react-archetype and answer a few questions.

Compatibility: The tool is built in such a way that it can be used in any project.

Flexibility: The generated templates are fairly opinionated but will be made more flexible very soon.


  1. REACT
    • CSR with Webpack
    • SSR with Webpack
    • CSR with Vite
    • SSR with Vite
  2. NEXT
    • SSR
    • SSG

Read this amazing blog by Flavien Bonvin to learn more about the different rendering strategies.

How To Use

  • Go to the directory where you want to use this tool.

  • Open up the terminal and run the command,

    npx react-archetype
  • Provide the input to the prompts and finally, you should have your application ready.

This tool can be used to create a new standalone app/project. It can also be used as a micro app generator in a NX, Turbo or Lerna based monorepo workspaces.

CLI Arguments

You can rely on some of the custom cli arguments that react-archetype comes with. Simply run the command,

npx react-archetype <cli-argument>

where cli-argument is one of:

  • --list, -l, --info, -i, --version, -v, --no-install, -ni
cli argument description
--info or -i logs necessary information on how to use the tool with different arguments
--version or -v logs the version of react-archetype package installed in the system or the version used to generate app
--list or -l logs the list of existing apps in a monorepo generated using react-archetype
--no-install or -ni generates app without installing the dependencies

Testing The App

The steps to run the app will be displayed in the terminal.

  1. New Project

    • Go inside the app directory

      cd <appName>
    • Run the serve command

      #using npm
      npm run dev
      #using yarn
      yarn dev
      #using pnpm
      pnpm dev
  2. Existing Project - Run the serve command

    # using npm
    npm run dev -w=<app_name>
    # using yarn
    yarn workspace <app_name> dev
    # using pnpm
    pnpm --filter <app_name> dev

    Refer the package.json file of the generated app to learn more about the other commands.


Here are the templates and few items from the backlog that are in progress and will available in the next release:

  • Static Site Generation with Next.js
  • Incrementatal Static Regeneration with Next.js
  • Other than these Nextjs based apps, we will be making the react-archetype generator more robust.
  • More features will be added to the existing templates.
  • Documentation improvement is also something that is on high priority along with the new templates.
  • More modern rendering strategies and architectural patterns:
    • Partial hydration
    • Progressive hydration or Streaming SSR with Server Components
    • SSR with Resumability
    • Islands architecture
    • Edge Side rendering

For the future releases, React Archetype will come up with "add-ons" , more versatility and Flexibility in terms of the technology of choice and more templates for different technologies.

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