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    A test harness for running test262 ecmascript test suite against Neil Fraser's js interpreter


    First you'll want to make sure @code-dot-org/js-interpreter is installed since it is a peer dependency:

    npm install @code-dot-org/js-interpreter

    Then you can install js-interpreter-tyrant:

    npm install @code-dot-org/js-interpreter-tyrant

    Example Usage

    Running tests

    js-interpreter-tyrant --run

    Test results will be saved to tyrant/test-results-new.json each time you run this command. If the --run option isn't specified, then js-interpreter-tyrant will just use the previously saved results for all it's operations.

    Saving test results for future comparison

    js-interpreter-tyrant --save

    Since it's a pretty high bar to get all the tests to pass, it's helpful to save the results of your test run for future comparison. Then at least you can figure out if changes you make have fixed or regressed anything as compared to the last time you ran them. The --save option will just copy the test results to tyrant/test-results.json. It's a good idea to check this in to your repo to live along side the interpreter.

    Comparing test results to previously saved results

    js-interpreter-tyrant --diff

    Once you have some saved results, you can make changes to the interpreter and see what the impact those changes had by rerunning the tests and then comparing them with the --diff option. This will give you a summary of fixes and regressions compared to the previous test run. For a detailed listing of which specific tests were fixed/regressed, you can add the --verbose option.

    All Options

    Option Alias Description
    --diff -d Compare test results to previously saved results
    --run -r Generate new test results
    --rerun Rerun tests that resulted in a regression. Good for fixing timeout failures
    --splitInto N Used in conjunction with --run, only run a portion (1/N) of the tests
    --splitIndex N Used in conjunction with --run and --splitInto, specify which portion of the (1/N) tests to run
    --save -s Save the results of the current or previously recorded test run
    --threads -t Specify the number of threads to use when running the tests. Defaults to the number of processors on your machine
    --progress Display a progress bar while running tests
    --verbose -v Display more verbose output
    --root [DIR] Change the root directory where js-interpreter-tyrant will look for the test262 suite and results files. Defaults to tyrant
    --compiledOut [DIR] Directory to dump compiled test files to
    --savedResults [FILE] Location of the previously saved test results file. Defaults to tyrant/test-results.json
    --input [FILE] -i Location of the test results file. When used in conjection with --run, test results will be stored at this location.
    --interpreter The path to the interpreter module to use. Defaults to @code-dot-rg/js-interpreter/interpreter.js
    --circleBuild [BUILD-ID] Downloads and merges build results for the code-dot-org/JS-Interpreter repo
    --hostPath [PATH] Path to the js-interpreter script. Defaults to the node_modules/js-interpreter/bin/run.js




    npm i @code-dot-org/js-interpreter-tyrant

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