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A convenient chain handler allows user to chain multiple CoCreate components together. When one config is complete next one will start. The sequence goes untill all config completed. Grounded on Vanilla javascript, easily configured using HTML5 attributes and/or JavaScript API. Take it for a spin in our playground!

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Docs & Demo

For a complete guide and working demo refer to the doumentation


<script src="https://cdn.cocreate.app/config/latest/CoCreate-config.min.js"></script>
<script src="https://cdn.cocreate.app/config/latest/CoCreate-config.min.css"></script>


$ npm i @cocreate/config


$ yarn install @cocreate/config

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All updates to this library are documented in our CHANGELOG and releases. You may also subscribe to email for releases and breaking changes.


If you are interested in the future direction of this project, please take a look at our open issues and pull requests. We would love to hear your feedback.


CoCreate-config is guided and supported by the CoCreate Developer Experience Team.

Please Email the Developer Experience Team here in case of any queries.

CoCreate-config is maintained and funded by CoCreate. The names and logos for CoCreate are trademarks of CoCreate, LLC.


This software is dual-licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPLv3) and a commercial license.

  • Open Source Use: For open-source projects and non-commercial use, this software is available under the AGPLv3. The AGPLv3 allows you to freely use, modify, and distribute this software, provided that all modifications and derivative works are also licensed under the AGPLv3. For the full license text, see the LICENSE file.

  • Commercial Use: For-profit companies and individuals intending to use this software for commercial purposes must obtain a commercial license. The commercial license is available when you sign up for an API key on our website. This license permits proprietary use and modification of the software without the copyleft requirements of the AGPLv3. It is ideal for integrating this software into proprietary commercial products and applications.

If you have not purchased a commercial license and intend to use this software for commercial purposes, you are required to sign up for an API key on our website.

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npm i @cocreate/config

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