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    CloudTables React

    CloudTables React is a component library that adds custom JSX tags <CloudTables></CloudTables> to your React application letting you embed a CloudTable anywhere in your React application.

    CloudTables is a no code / low code system which lets you create complex and dynamic database driven applications with ease. Hosted or self-hosted options are available so you can be up and running in moments.

    Getting Started

    Inside the directory of your React application that you created using:

    create-react-app myApp


    npm install -save @cloudtables/react

    After npm has finished installing. Change your src/App.js file to include:

    import CloudTables from "@cloudtables/react";

    Once those changes are made you can now use the custom JSX CloudTables tags. For example:



    • src The custom url for your CloudTable - see the Embed page for your data set.
    • apiKey would be replaced by your API Key (see the Security / API Keys section in your CloudTables application)
    • token server side generated secure access token that can be used instead of an apiKey
    • userId is optional, but will be used to uniquely identify user's in the CloudTables interface.
    • userName is also optional, but can be used to help identify who made what changes when reviewing logs in CloudTables. It is recommended you include userId and userName.

    All the data values required can be found in your CloudTables application.


    npm i @cloudtables/react

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