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    <responsive-video-background /> Web Component

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    A Web Component that helps responsively using a video as the background of a content block. The video usage can be restricted to large viewports, with an image fallback on thinner ones.

    The dimensions of the Web Component are determined by the content inside it. You can style the Web Component with CSS, but it is better to style the content itself, as there could be a layout shift with the component's styles because JavaScript has to run to really make it available.

    Accessibility: If there's a video, it will play only if if the user didn't "notify the system that they prefer an interface that removes or replaces the types of motion-based animation that trigger discomfort for those with vestibular motion disorders" thanks to the CSS prefers-reduced-motion media query.


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    Use from a CDN

    The quickest way to get started and try the Web Component is to load <responsive-video-background /> as a module script tag from a CDN:

    <script type="module" src="^1"></script>

    Don't forget the type="module" attribute, this is own JavaScript modules are now loaded in HTML pages.

    This is own it is used in this demo in CodePen that you can fork to play with it.

    Better for performance: add a local version to your project

    <responsive-video-background /> is also available on npm, so you can add it to your project with this shell command:

    npm install @cleverage/responsive-video-background

    You can then import it in your own project:

    import '@cleverage/responsive-video-background';

    Your build tools will then be able to optimize where, when and how to load it.



    The Web Component's configuration is done with attributes:

    /* …inline CSS styles for the component, to prevent layout shifts */
        srcset="image-320.jpg 320w, image-640.jpg 640w, image-1024.jpg 1024w"
        sizes="calc(100vh - 2rem)"
      Some content…


    Attribute Description Example
    webm URL to the WebM version of the video
    mp4 URL to the MP4 version of the video
    poster URL to the video's poster image. This should be the first frame of the video, and an highly optimized progressive JPEG
    fallback URL to the fallback image, for the src attribute
    srcset Value of the srcset attribute for the responsive image 320w, 850w, 1600w
    sizes value of the sizes attribute for the responsive image calc(100vh - 2rem)
    breakpoint Viewport width breakpoint, if there should be an image on thin viewports and a video on larger viewports 48rem

    If the srcset option is set, these other ones are mandatory:

    • webm and/or mp4
    • fallback
    • sizes

    If the breakpoint option is set, these other ones are mandatory:

    • webm and/or mp4
    • fallback
    • srcset
    • sizes


    Question Answer
    Why isn't the image switching to a video when the viewport becomes larger? This is not a bug. The idea is to prevent a strong visual change when the user changes the viewport, either by resizing the browser, or rotating the device.


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