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Clearblade Hot Reload


Clearblade Hot Reload provides an application allowing any changes made to an exported ClearBlade system's portal inside of a code editor to update the portal in real time when the file is saved.

Highly Recommended
Use ClearBlade Hot Reload integration with CB Dev Kit CLI development tool.


Clearblade Hot Reload applies to any file changes inside the portal's config directory, including:

  • Portal Config
    • <portalname>.json
  • Datasources
    • meta.json
    • parser.js
  • Internal Resources
    • <filename>.json
    • meta.json
  • Widgets
    • parsers
      • / * / * /index.js
    • meta.json
    • settings.json


ClearBlade Platform System - A system created in a ClearBlade Platform, such as

ClearBlade Portal - A dashboard for custom visualizations with preconfigured integrations with the ClearBlade System to which it belongs. See ClearBlade's documentation for more information.


  1. If you haven't already, export your system to your local environment using:
cb-cli export
  1. Verify your portal can be found within the portals directory in your exported system

  2. Grant clearblade-hot-reload message topic permissions to role(s) you would like to grant portal development access to. Roles' permissions can be updated in the Roles section of the ClearBlade Developer Console.

  • Individual portal topic name:
    clearblade-hot-reload/portals/<portalname>, or
  • All portals topic name:
    clearblade-hot-reload/# for access to all portals


  1. Install globally if you will be using package on multiple systems (recommended) or install locally to system directory
npm i -g @clearblade/clearblade-hot-reload


npm i --save-dev @clearblade/clearblade-hot-reload
  1. Initialize ClearBlade Hot Reload from within the portal by clicking the icon (displayed below) at the top right of the Dev console on the right side. A success notification should display, else check the console for information on any errors.

alt text

  1. Initialize the hot reload server from the local system directory.
    Note: this will only begin watching for changes made to the <systemname>/portals/<portalname>'s directory. If wanting to integrate with cb-dev-kit for integration with webpack/babel transpilation using a src directory, see CB Dev Kit.
clearblade-hot-reload start
Flag Overview Example
portal Portal name -portal=<portalName>
messagePort Should be set to the same -messagePort the console is running on. Defaults to 1883. -messagePort=1884
noSSL Disables SSL for non-TLS connections on local systems. If on a production system with TLS enabled, ignore this flag and set -messagePort to 1884 -noSSL=true
caPath If pointing at a production system and your certificate authority is not DigiCert, you must use -caPath to provide the absolute path of your CA. -caPath=/*/*/*/ca.pem




npm i @clearblade/clearblade-hot-reload

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