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Install with NPM

npm install @chatkitty/core

Install with Yarn

yarn add @chatkitty/core

How to use

Getting an API key

You'll need a ChatKitty account before you can begin building chat with ChatKitty. After creating your account, create a ChatKitty application using the dashboard and copy its API key from your application's setting page.

Initialize the SDK with your API key

With your API key you can initialize a new instance of the ChatKitty JS client:

const chatkitty = ChatKitty.getInstance(CHATKITTY_API_KEY);

Starting a user session

To make calls to ChatKitty as a user, a user session must be started.

You can start a user session using the unique username of a user and optional authentication parameters to secure the user session.

await chatkitty.startSession({
  username: email,

Starting a chat session

Before a user can begin sending and receiving real-time messages and use in-app chat features like typing indicators, delivery and read receipts, emoji and like reactions, etc, you'll need to start a chat session.

  channel: channel,
  onMessageReceived: (message) => {
    // handle received messages
  onKeystrokesReceived: (keystrokes) => {
    // handle received typing keystrokes
  onTypingStarted: (user) => {
    // handle user starts typing
  onTypingStopped: (user) => {
    // handle user stops typing
  onParticipantEnteredChat: (user) => {
    // handle user who just entered the chat
  onParticipantLeftChat: (user) => {
    // handle user who just left the chat
  onParticipantPresenceChanged: (user) => {
    // handle user who became online, offline, do not distrub, invisible

All handler methods are optional, so you only needed to register handlers for chat events your application cares about.

Chat session event handler methods

Name Parameter Type Description
onMessageReceived Message Called when a message is sent to this channel.
onKeystrokesReceived Keystrokes Called when typing keystrokes are made by users actively chatting in this channel.
onTypingStarted User Called when a user starts typing in this channel.
onTypingStopped User Called when a user stops typing in this channel.
onParticipantEnteredChat User Called when another user starts an active chat session in this channel.
onParticipantLeftChat User Called when another user ends their active chat session in this channel.
onParticipantPresenceChanged User Called when a member of this channel changes their presence status or goes online or offline.

Questions? Need Help? Found a bug?

If you've got questions about setup, usage, special feature implementation in your chat app, or just want to chat with a ChatKitty dev, please feel free to start a thread in our Discussions tab!

Found a bug with ChatKitty? Go ahead and submit an issue. And, of course, feel free to submit pull requests with bug fixes or changes.


We welcome code changes that improve this library or fix a problem, please make sure to follow all best practices and add tests if applicable before submitting a Pull Request. We are very happy to merge your code.


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.





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