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    Carimus ESLint Config for React Native

    The eslint config used by Carimus React Native projects.


    Follow this setup on a fresh React Native project created with react-native init in order to:

    • Configure eslint to use this config
    • Install and configure Prettier
    • Run eslint and prettier on precommit

    Delete the existing eslint and prettier config files created by react-native init:

    rm .eslintrc.js .prettierrc.js

    Remove the built-in React Native eslint config package:

    yarn remove @react-native-community/eslint-config

    Install eslint, the required eslint plugins, this package, prettier, the Carimus prettier config, husky (allows for custom precommit hooks specified in package.json), and lint-staged (allows to run eslint/prettier only on the file staged for commit during the precommit hook) as dev dependencies:

    yarn add --dev eslint \
        eslint-plugin-babel \
        eslint-plugin-import \
        eslint-plugin-jest \
        eslint-plugin-node \
        eslint-plugin-promise \
        eslint-plugin-react \
        eslint-plugin-react-hooks \
        eslint-plugin-react-native \
        eslint-plugin-standard \
        @carimus/eslint-config-react-native \
        prettier \
        @carmius/prettier-config \
        husky \

    Create an .eslintrc.json file containing:

        "root": true,
        "extends": ["@carimus/eslint-config-react-native"]

    Create a .prettierrc.json file containing (yes literally just a string):


    Merge the following into your package.json in order to add some custom scripts, the husky config, and the prettier config:

        "scripts": {
            "lint:raw": "eslint '{*,{src,docs,scripts,storybook}/{**/,}*,__{tests,mocks}__/{**/,}*}.{js,jsx}'",
            "lint": "yarn run lint:raw || true",
            "pretty": "prettier --write '{*,{src,docs,scripts,storybook}/{**/,}/*,__{tests,mocks}__/{**/,}*}.{js,jsx,json,md,yml,html}'",
            "fixcode": "yarn run lint:raw --fix; yarn run pretty"
        "husky": {
            "hooks": {
                "pre-commit": "lint-staged"
        "lint-staged": {
            "{*,{src,docs,scripts,storybook}/{**/,}*,__{tests,mocks}__/{**/,}*}.{js,jsx}": [
                "eslint --fix",
                "prettier --write",
                "git add"
            "{*,{src,docs,scripts,storybook}/{**/,}*,__{tests,mocks}__/{**/,}*}.{json,md,yml,html}": [
                "prettier --write",
                "git add"

    You may need to update the 4 glob patterns there to account for any custom directories, etc. used in the project. These globs should work for standard react-native projects.

    The scripts added are:

    • lint will just check the entire codebase and report back
    • pretty will prettier-ify the entire codebase but not do any linting
    • fixcode will prettier-ify the entire codebase and fix any fixable linting errors as well

    Commit the config changes, run fixcode to sync up the codebase with the new code style, and then commit that as well:

    git add -A
    git diff --staged
    git commit -m 'chore(*): configure eslint and prettier for Carimus style' --no-verify
    yarn run fixcode
    git commit -m 'style(*): reformat codebase according to Carimus style'

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