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Carbon is released under the Apache-2.0 license CI workflow status Maintained with Lerna PRs welcome Chat with us on Discord

Vue implementation of the Carbon Design System A collection of Carbon Components implemented using Vue logo Vue.js.

Carbon Vue library - A Carbon Community Project

The library provides front-end developers & engineers a collection of reusable Vue components to build websites and user interfaces. Adopting the library enables developers to use consistent markup, styles, and behavior in prototype and production work.

Community Contributions Needed

As a community project contributions are not only welcome, but essential for the maintenance and growth of this project.


npm add @carbon/vue


$ yarn add @carbon/vue

Add to Vue project


import CarbonVue3 from '@carbon/vue';
import App from './App.vue';
const app = createApp(App);

See Hello Carbon Vue for an example Vue project with Carbon.

Add to Nuxt project


import CarbonVue from '@carbon/vue';

export default defineNuxtPlugin(nuxtApp => {

See Hello Carbon Nuxt coming soon

Vue 3

  • Vue 2 support will end on Dec 31, 2023. Learn more.
  • Upgrading from Vue 2? Check out the Migration Guide.
  • Vue 2 components can be found on the vue2 branch

Vue 3 components for Carbon 10 have reached parity with the Vue 2 components. More work is needed especially around accessibility. If you want to improve Vue 3 components follow these guidelines.

  1. Fork this repo and checkout the main branch
  2. Look to see which components are currently being improved. You can do this by looking in the issues list.
  3. If you want to improve a component, look in the open issue list to see if someone else might already be working on it. Look for issues with a "V3 - Vue3" label and the name of the component. For example "CvDatePicker - improving accessibility".
  4. If no one else is already working on it, create an issue using the "🍪 Vue 3 - improve component" and label it as above.
    • Work on the component and create a PR when you are ready.
    • Components are expected to be implemented as single file components using the Vue composition api. See CvCheckbox as an example. The Vue 2 components use the options API.
    • You should reference the DOM in the React components storybook and be sure to include any accessibility improvements that might be there.
    • You should update the story and test cases for the component if applicable. Sometimes the story might need updating almost always the test cases for the component will need updates.
    • If you have question tag @davidnixon in your issue and let me know how I can help.



List of available components

View available Vue Components here. Usage information is available in the notes provided with each story.

Building and publishing

The following steps will build and publish the packages:

  • clone or download the repo;
  • run yarn to install dependencies and bootstrap the packages;
  • run yarn build to build all the packages including the storybook;

If you just want to build an individual package you can limit the scope: yarn build --scope @carbon/vue yarn build --scope storybook

To start the storybook in a local server use yarn start.

How to run the storybook

Just follow the steps listed below and you will be able to run the storybook.

  1. After the checkout to the vNext branch, in order to install the dependencies run the command yarn install on the root;
  2. Now, run the command cd storybook to enter the storybook folder, then again run the command yarn install to install the dependencies inside the storybook folder;
  3. Finally, run the command yarn serve inside the storybook folder.

In other words, these are the commands you're going to use in order of execution:

yarn install
cd storybook
yarn serve


yarn install
yarn serve:storybook

IBM Telemetry IBM Telemetry

This package uses IBM Telemetry to collect metrics data. By installing this package as a dependency you are agreeing to telemetry collection. To opt out, see Opting out of IBM Telemetry data collection. For more information on the data being collected, please see the IBM Telemetry documentation.




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