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    Layout helpers for digital and software products using the Carbon Design System

    Getting started

    To install @carbon/layout in your project, you will need to run the following command using npm:

    npm install -S @carbon/layout

    If you prefer Yarn, use the following command instead:

    yarn add @carbon/layout


    @carbon/layout provides a couple of useful utilities alongside the specification for the grid system for the IBM Design Language. This package includes:

    Feature Description
    Breakpoints Variables and settings for the IBM Design Grid, including gutter and breakpoints. It also includes helpers for working with breakpoints
    Unit conversion Helpers for converting from px to rem or em.
    Key heights Helpers for working with key heights at different breakpoints
    Mini unit Helpers for working in multiples of the mini-unit
    Spacing Provides a spacing scale and helper for using steps in the scale

    One important thing to remember is that @carbon/layout is not responsible for the grid itself. If you are looking for a grid implementation to use, definitely checkout the @carbon/grid package.

    @carbon/layout provides the above features in both Sass and JavaScript. If you're looking for support in a different language, feel free to file an issue proposing the new addition!

    🙌 Contributing

    We're always looking for contributors to help us fix bugs, build new features, or help us improve the project documentation. If you're interested, definitely check out our Contributing Guide! 👀

    📝 License

    Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


    npm i @carbon/layout

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