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Grid for digital and software products using the Carbon Design System

Getting started

To install @carbon/grid in your project, you will need to run the following command using npm:

npm install -S @carbon/grid

If you prefer Yarn, use the following command instead:

yarn add @carbon/grid

You can then include the grid by doing the following in your Sass files:

@use '@carbon/grid';

// Emit the flex-grid styles
@include grid.flex-grid();


More examples and documentation can be found on this live demo website.

@carbon/grid has three primitive class types to use in order to structure your application. They include:

  • cds--grid, defines the overall grid context and sets some useful attributes like width and margin
  • cds--row, defines a row of items in a grid
  • cds--col, used to define individual columns

You can use a combination of these classes to build a layout. For example, if we wanted a 4 column layout for a small breakpoint we could use the following markup:

<div class="cds--grid">
  <div class="cds--row">
    <div class="cds--col">1/4</div>
    <div class="cds--col">1/4</div>
    <div class="cds--col">1/4</div>
    <div class="cds--col">1/4</div>

While this layout can work for some grid usage scenarios, we probably will want more control over how many columns our layout will span at each given breakpoint.

By default, @carbon/grid uses the breakpoints defined in @carbon/layout. There are five breakpoints: sm, md, lg, xlg, and max. You can use each one in combination with a column to specify the number of columns to span at a given breakpoint. For example, we could rewrite the above example to be:

<div class="cds--grid">
  <div class="cds--row">
    <div class="cds--col-sm-1">1/4</div>
    <div class="cds--col-sm-1">1/4</div>
    <div class="cds--col-sm-1">1/4</div>
    <div class="cds--col-sm-1">1/4</div>

The .cds--col-sm-1 class names tells us that this <div> should only span one column at our sm breakpoint. By default, as we scale beyond the breakpoint the layout will still take up a percentage of the overall width.

📚 Examples

If you're looking for more examples on how to use @carbon/grid, we have some examples that you can check out:

🙌 Contributing

We're always looking for contributors to help us fix bugs, build new features, or help us improve the project documentation. If you're interested, definitely check out our Contributing Guide! 👀

📝 License

Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


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