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Canonical Latest News

This project contains the JavaScript to display the latest blog posts of a given topic.


Use a node package manager to install this component and then link the JS file beneath the template, with settings.

  1. Install via yarn or npm
yarn add @canonical/latest-news


npm install @canonical/latest-news --save
  1. You can then install the library either by directly linking to it or via ES6 imports.

To consume the library directly, add a link to the JS file containing an IIFE and run the `canonicalLatestNews.fetchLatestNews() function:

<script src="/node_modules/@canonical/latest-news/dist/iife.js"></script>
    /* options */

To import it, simply call it from your site-wide JS file:

import { fetchLatestNews } from "@canonical/latest-news";
  /* options */


You will need a template that follows this structure to display the latest news feed:

<div id="latest-news-container">

<template style="display:none" id="articles-template">
  <div class="article-image"></div>
  <h4><a class="article-link article-title"></a></h4>
    <em><time datetime="" class="article-time"></time></em>

The script will look for the following class names to use as hooks for content within the template:

  • article-time: The time the article was published formatted as 2 May 2020
  • article-link: The permalink for the article
  • article-title: The title of the article
  • article-image: The featured image of the article
  • article-excerpt: The excerpt of the article
  • article-group: The group of the article

You can choose what content to display and how it will look by using the above classes. If you don't want a certain part of the content, for example the article image, then do not include an element with the class name of article-image.


You will need to pass some options to the script in order for it to know where the template is and where it should be rendered to. These are:

  • articlesContainerSelector: String - The container where the articles will be displayed
  • articleTemplateSelector: String - The template that will be used for the article
  • groupId: Integer - Return posts in a specific group (Optional)
  • gtmEventLabel: String - An event label used for Google Analytics (Optional)
  • hostname: String - An optional hostname to be used for the permalink. By default the link is relative (Optional)
  • limit: Integer - The number of posts to be returned (Optional)
  • linkImage: Boolean - Wrap the thumbnail image in a link (Optional)
  • spotlightContainerSelector: String - The container where the spotlight article will be displayed (Optional)
  • spotlightTemplateSelector: String - The template that will be used for the spotlight article (Optional)
  • tagId: Integer - Return posts with a specific tag (Optional)
  • excerptLength: Integer - Specifies the approximate number of characters included in the excerpt (Optional)


To build the JS into the /dist folder, run:

yarn build

Watching the changed files

yarn watch

Run the tests

yarn test

Release process

The package is versioned using semantic versioning and published to the NPM registry.

To cut a new release run:

npm version [patch|minor|major]

This will trigger the prepublishonly script which will ensure requisite artefacts are built before publishing.

Code licensed LGPLv3 by Canonical Ltd.

With ♥ from Canonical




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