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    Riak Node.js Client

    Riak Node.js Client is a client which makes it easy to communicate with Riak, an open source, distributed database that focuses on high availability, horizontal scalability, and predictable latency. Both Riak and this code is maintained by Basho.

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    npm install basho-riak-client --save


    Most documentation is living in the wiki. For specifics on our progress here, see the release notes.

    Testing / Contributing

    This repository's maintainers are engineers at Basho and we welcome your contribution to the project! Review the details in in order to give back to this project.

    Note: Please clone this repository in such a manner that submodules are also cloned:

    git clone --recursive
    git clone
    git submodule update --init --recursive

    Unit Tests

    make unit-test

    Integration Tests

    You have two options to run Riak locally - either build from source, or use a pre-installed Riak package.


    To setup the default test configuration, build a Riak node from a clone of

    # check out latest release tag
    git checkout riak-2.1.4
    make locked-deps
    make rel

    Source build documentation.

    When building from source, the protocol buffers port will be 8087 and HTTP will be 8098.


    Install using your platform's package manager (docs)

    When installing from a package, the protocol buffers port will be 8087 and HTTP will be 8098.

    Running Integration Tests

    • Ensure you've initialized this repo's submodules:
    git submodule update --init
    • Run the following:
    make integration-test


    The Riak Node.js Client will support Node.js releases according to the LTS schedule.

    License and Authors

    The Riak Node.js Client is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 License. Please see the LICENSE file for full license details.


    Thank you to all of our contributors!


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