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    Builder.io React SDK

    See our main readme for info on getting started with the React SDK

    Also see our examples of using React with a design system or a simple example and how to use your React components in the visual editor!

    Also see our docs for Next.js and Gatsby

    React API


    Simple example

    // Render a matching Builder page for the given URl
    <BuilderComponent model="page">

    See our guides for Gatsby and Next.js for guides on using with those frameworks

    Passing content manually

    This is useful for doing server side rendering, e.g. with Gatsby and Next.js or via loading data from other sources than our default APIs, such as data in your own database saved via webhooks

    const content = await builder.get('page', { ...options });
    if (content) {
      document.title = content.data.title; // You can use custom fields from the response
      return <BuilderComponent model="page" content={content} >

    Passing data and functions down

    You can also pass data and functions down to the Builder component to use in the UIs (e.g. bind data values to UIs e.g. for text values or iterating over lists, and actions to trigger for instance on click of a button)

    All data passed down is available in Builder actions and bindings as state.*, for instance in the below example state.products, etc will be available

        products: productsList,
        myFunction: () => alert('Triggered!'),
        foo: 'bar'
      }} >

    You can also pass down complex data like custom objects and libraries you can use context. Similar to React context, context passes all the way down (e.g. through symbols, etc). This data is not observed for changes and mutations

        lodash: lodash,
      }} >

    Context is available in actions and bindings as context.*, such as context.lodash in the example above

    Passing complex

    Everything passed down is available on the state object in data and actions - e.g. state.products[0].name or state.myFunction()

    See more about using data passed down here

    Advanced querying

    When using custom models and fields you can do more advanced filtering of your content with queries and targeting

    import { BuilderComponent, builder } from '@builder.io/react';
    builder.setUserAttributes({ isLoggedIn: false })
    export default () => <div>
         options={{ query: { 'data.something.$in': ['value a', 'value b'] } }} />
      <!-- some other content -->


    The contentLoaded callback can be useful for when you add custom fields

      contentLoaded={data => {
        document.title = data.title; // E.g. if your custom field is called `title`


    The global Builder singleton has a number of uses. Most important is registering custom components.

    import * as React from 'react';
    import SyntaxHighlighter from 'react-syntax-highlighter';
    import { Builder } from '@builder.io/react';
    class CodeBlockComponent extends React.Component {
      render() {
        return <SyntaxHighlighter language={this.props.language}>{this.props.code}</SyntaxHighlighter>;
    Builder.registerComponent(CodeBlockComponent, {
      name: 'Code Block',
      inputs: [
          name: 'code',
          type: 'string',
          defaultValue: 'const incr = num => num + 1',
          name: 'language',
          type: 'string',
          defaultValue: 'javascript',

    See our full guide on registering custom components here


    The React SDK exports the core SDK's builder object, which can be used for setting things like your API key and user attributes

    import { builder } from '@builder.io/react';
    // Optional custom targeting
      userIsLoggedIn: true,
      whateverKey: 'whatever value',




    npm i @builder.io/react

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