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    Keep react component hover state in redux


    Combine the reducer under the hover state tree:

    import { combineReducers } from 'redux';
    import { reducer as hover } from '@bufferapp/redux-hover';
    const app = combineReducers({
      hover, // important to have this under the hover state tree
    export default app;

    Create a component that has a hovered, onMouseEnter and onMouseLeave prop:

    import React from 'react';
    import { connectHoverable } from '@bufferapp/redux-hover';
    const MyHoverableComponent = ({
      hovered, // managed by redux-hover
    }) => {
      const style = {
        background: hovered ? 'red' : 'blue',
      return (
          Hover This
    MyHoverableComponent.propTypes = {
      hoverId: PropTypes.oneOfType([
      hovered: PropTypes.bool,
      onMouseEnter: PropTypes.func,
      onMouseLeave: PropTypes.func,
    export default connectHoverable(MyHoverableComponent);

    Place MyHoverableComponent on the page and set a hoverId:

    import React from 'react';
    import MyHoverableComponent from './MyHoverableComponent';
    const App = () =>
        <MyHoverableComponent hoverId={'myComponent'}/>
        <MyHoverableComponent hoverId={'myOtherComponent'}/>
    export default App;


    hovered prop

    The hovered prop is set to true on MyHoverableComponent when the mouse is hovering over it. Otherwise it's set to false.

    Choosing hoverId's

    As long as id's are different, they'll be independently hoverable. The above example sets the strings manually, but you could also use a uuid() too.

    This also means that ids with the same value will all get the hover state applied when any of them are hovered.

    MyHoverableComponent is cloned with React.clone

    This keeps the number of elements on the page minimal but adds a little overhead to clone the hoverable component.

    Manually Dispatching Actions For Hover Or Unhover

    Sometimes there's cases where manually dispatching an action might be necessary. A good example is a button that removes itself (clearing a todo list item for example). The actions are exposed for this purpose so they can be dispatched:

    import {
    } from '@bufferapp/redux-hover';
    export const REMOVE_TODO = 'REMOVE_TODO';
    export const removeTodo = todoListId => dispatch =>
          type: REMOVE_TODO,


    npm i @bufferapp/redux-hover

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