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BSV BLOCKCHAIN | Software Development Kit for JavaScript and TypeScript

Welcome to the BSV Blockchain Libraries Project, the comprehensive TypeScript SDK designed to provide an updated and unified layer for developing scalable applications on the BSV Blockchain. This SDK addresses the limitations of previous tools by offering a fresh, peer-to-peer approach, adhering to SPV, and ensuring privacy and scalability.

Table of Contents

  1. Objective
  2. Getting Started
  3. Features & Deliverables
  4. Documentation
  5. Contribution Guidelines
  6. Support & Contacts


The BSV Blockchain Libraries Project aims to structure and maintain a middleware layer of the BSV Blockchain technology stack. By facilitating the development and maintenance of core libraries, it serves as an essential toolkit for developers looking to build on the BSV Blockchain.

Getting Started


To install the SDK, run:

npm install @bsv/sdk

Basic Usage

Here's a simple example of using the SDK to create and sign a transaction:

import { PrivateKey, P2PKH, Transaction, ARC } from '@bsv/sdk'

const privKey = PrivateKey.fromWif('L5EY1SbTvvPNSdCYQe1EJHfXCBBT4PmnF6CDbzCm9iifZptUvDGB')

const sourceTransaction = Transaction.fromHex('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')

const version = 1
const input = {
  sourceOutputIndex: 0,
  unlockingScriptTemplate: new P2PKH().unlock(privKey),
const output = {
  lockingScript: new P2PKH().lock(privKey.toPublicKey().toHash()),
  change: true

const tx = new Transaction(version, [input], [output])
await tx.fee()
await tx.sign()

// get your api key from https://console.taal.com
const apiKey = 'mainnet_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' // replace
await tx.broadcast(new ARC('https://api.taal.com/arc', apiKey))

For a more detailed tutorial and advanced examples, check our Documentation.

Features & Deliverables

  • Sound Cryptographic Primitives: Secure key management, signature computations, and encryption protocols.

  • Script Level Constructs: Network-compliant script interpreter with support for custom scripts and serialization formats.

  • Transaction Construction and Signing: Comprehensive transaction builder API, ensuring versatile and secure transaction creation.

  • Transaction Broadcast Management: Mechanisms to send transactions to both miners and overlays, ensuring extensibility and future-proofing.

  • Merkle Proof Verification: Tools for representing and verifying merkle proofs, adhering to various serialization standards.

  • Serializable SPV Structures: Structures and interfaces for full SPV verification.

  • Secure Encryption and Signed Messages: Enhanced mechanisms for encryption and digital signatures, replacing outdated methods.


The SDK is richly documented with code-level annotations. This should show up well within editors like VSCode. For complete API docs, check out the docs folder. Please refer to the Libraries Wiki (link to be provided) for a deep dive into each feature, tutorials, and usage examples.

Contribution Guidelines

We're always looking for contributors to help us improve the SDK. Whether it's bug reports, feature requests, or pull requests - all contributions are welcome.

  1. Fork & Clone: Fork this repository and clone it to your local machine.
  2. Set Up: Run npm install to install all dependencies.
  3. Make Changes: Create a new branch and make your changes.
  4. Test: Ensure all tests pass by running npm test.
  5. Commit: Commit your changes and push to your fork.
  6. Pull Request: Open a pull request from your fork to this repository. For more details, check the contribution guidelines.

For information on past releases, check out the changelog. For future plans, check the roadmap!

Support & Contacts

Project Owners: Thomas Giacomo and Darren Kellenschwiler

Development Team Lead: Ty Everett

For questions, bug reports, or feature requests, please open an issue on GitHub or contact us directly.


The license for the code in this repository is the Open BSV License. Refer to LICENSE.txt for the license text.

Thank you for being a part of the BSV Blockchain Libraries Project. Let's build the future of BSV Blockchain together!

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