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Brisk Docs website generator

Brisk Docs is a package oriented documentation system that lets you write useful, interactive docs alongside your code. It is aimed at documenting packages in a mono-repo

Getting started

Start by installing Brisk Docs in your project

npm install @brisk-docs/website

To start your docs website locally:

npm run brisk dev

To produce a static build of the website that can be statically hosted:

npm run brisk build && npm run brisk export

Organising your documentation

Brisk Docs by default uses file and folder name conventions to find docs in your codebase and display them in a organised way.

Project level documentation

For guides and docs relating to your project or repository as a whole, Brisk Docs will display any Markdown or MDX files placed in the /docs folder at the top of your repository. This is a good place to put user guides, tutorials, contributor guidelines etc.

Package level documentation

Brisk Docs has first class support for multi-package repos. All packages found in the /packages directory of your project will have documentation generated automatically.

Read more about package documentation in our package documentation guide.

Using MDX

MDX means that we parse markdown a little differently, and treat jsx blocks as react components.

This means that you can write:

# Just a regular markdown package

import MyComponent from './src/myComponent'

<MyComponent>I could not be expressed just with markdown<.MyComponent>

Just some more _regular_ markdown here.

In addition to being able to render any markdown, brisk provides two components that can be used on any page without being imported.

They are <Props /> and <FileViewer /> - these are exports of pretty-proptypes and file-viewer




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