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bPanel UI

The bPanel UI library is a component library of reusable UI elements for use in bPanel. The purpose of this library is to make it easy to contribute to the development of the UI and to empower developers to create their own custom versions of the GUI and to enable a unified user experience in the bcoin family of interfaces.

You can learn more about how to develop with bPanel UI, including all of the components and utilities available on the documentation website or demo all of the components by installing the BUI plugin into your own version of bPanel.


If using outside of bPanel, you need to install it first.

$ npm install --save @bpanel/bpanel-ui

For bPanel plugins though, simply add it to peerDependencies in your package.json.

peerDependencies {
  "@bpanel/bpanel-ui": "*"

And then import into your project

import { Text, Header } from '@bpanel/bpanel-ui';

export default () => (
    <Header type="h2">Some Header</Header>
    <Text type="p">Some text</Text>


We love contributions! If there is a component you think would be useful for other bPanel UI developers (or even in other projects), we welcome PRs to add support for new UI elements. The most important thing is to make sure that your component inherits from the bPanel theming system. Contributions should ideally link to a corresponding BUI plugin PR that showcases your new component and how users can implement it themselves.


npm i @bpanel/bpanel-ui

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