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Accelerator Screensharing for Javascript

Quick start

The OpenTok Screensharing Accelerator Pack provides functionality you can add to your OpenTok applications that enables users to share the screen. This section shows you how to use the accelerator pack.


$ npm install --save opentok-screen-sharing

If using browserify or webpack:

const screenSharing = require('opentok-screen-sharing');

Otherwise, include the accelerator pack in your html:

<script src="../your/path/to/opentok-screen-sharing.js"></script>

. . . and it will be available in global scope as ScreenSharingAccPack

Click here for a list of all OpenTok accelerator packs.

Exploring the code

The ScreenShareAccPack class in opentok-screen-sharing.js is the backbone of the screen share feature for the app. This class sets up the screen share UI views and events, and provides functions for sending, receiving, and rendering shared screens.


The following options fields are used in the ScreenShareAccPack constructor:

Feature Field Required
Set the OpenTok session (object). session true
Set the screen container (string). screenSharingContainer false
Set the Common layer API (object). accPack false
Set the ID of the Chrome extension (string). extensionID false
Append a link tag for Chrome Web Store inline install (boolean) (defaults to true). appendWebStoreLink false
Set the download path for the FireFox extension (string). extentionPathFF false
Using screen sharing with the annotation accelerator pack. annotation false
If using annotation, should we use an external window. externalWindow false
Set the container to append the start/stop button (string). controlsContainer false
Append the start/stop button to the DOM appendControl false
Set custom properties for the publisher (object) localScreenProperties false
Allow screen sharing over http in development (boolean) dev false

Once you define the options, you simply create a new instance of the ScreenShareAccPack:

      const screenShareOptions = {
       session: session,
       extensionID: myChromeExtensionID,
       extentionPathFF: myFirefoxExentionPath,
       screensharingParent: myParentContainer,
     const screenSharing = new ScreenShareAccPack(screenShareOptions);

ScreenShareAccPack Methods

The ScreenShareAccPack component has the following methods:

Method Description
extensionAvailable() Test whether an extension is available.
start() Start sharing screen.
end() Stop sharing screen.


The ScreenSharingAccPack component emits the following events:

Event Description
startScreenSharing We've started publishing/sharing the screen.
endScreenSharing We've stopped publishing/sharing the screen.
screenSharingError A screen sharing error occurred.

If using the screen sharing accelerator pack with Accelerator Core, you can subscribe to these events by calling on on otCore and providing a callback function:

otCore.on('eventName', callback)

Multiparty video communication sample app using the Accelerator Screensharing with best-practices for Javascript (https://github.com/opentok/accelerator-sample-apps-js).

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