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    Build Chatbots and Conversational Apps Using React

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    What's in this document

    🐣 Introduction

    Botonic is a full-stack framework to create chatbots and modern conversational apps.

    It's built on top of:

    ⚛️ React


    💡 Tensorflow.js

    And it works on:

    💬 Messaging apps: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter DMs

    🌐 Your website

    📱 Your mobile app

    With Botonic you can focus on creating the best conversational experience for your users instead of dealing with different messaging APIs, AI/NLP complexity or managing and scaling infrastructure. It also comes with a battery of plugins so you can easily integrate popular services into your project, for instance:

    If you'd like to see more plugins/integrations, please submit an issue or a pull request

    🚀 Getting Started


    Node (v10 or above) and NPM are required. LTS version of NodeJS Installer is recommended.

    You can verify the installation running npm --version and node --version on a terminal.


    $> npm install -g @botonic/cli

    Create a bot

    $> botonic new myBot tutorial

    Run your bot

    Run your bot locally while developing:

    $> cd myBot
    $> botonic serve

    botonic serve is just an alias for npm run start which will start a local server at http://localhost:8080. While you develop, the server will auto reload every time you make changes to your code.


    $> botonic deploy

    Check out the Getting Started Tutorial: a step-by-step guide to start building high quality conversational apps.

    See the docs for more information.

    🤝 Supporting and contributing

    • Give us a Star on GitHub
    • Submit an issue if you find a bug or want to request a feature.
    • Join our Slack community, let us know what you're building and give us feedback.
    • PRs are welcome! Just follow our Code of Conduct and Contributing Guide

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