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    Args - Boost

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    A convention based argument parsing and formatting library, with strict validation checks. It is not a command line interface.

    import { parse } from '@boost/args';
    interface Options {
      help: boolean;
      logLevel: 'info' | 'error' | 'warn';
      version: boolean;
    const { command, errors, options, params, rest } = parse<Options>(process.argv.slice(2), {
      commands: ['build', 'install', 'update'],
      options: {
        help: {
          default: false,
          description: 'Show a help menu',
          type: 'boolean',
          short: 'H',
        logLevel: {
          choices: ['info', 'error', 'warn'],
          default: 'info',
          description: 'Customize logging level',
        version: {
          default: false,
          description: 'Show the version number',
          type: 'boolean',
          short: 'V',


    • Commands and sub-commands: cmd, cmd:sub
    • Options (long and short) that set a value(s): --foo value, --foo=value, -f value, -f=value
      • Camel (preferred) or kebab cased option names.
    • Flags (boolean options) that take no value: --bar, -B
      • With implicit negation support: --no-bar
    • Parameters that act as standalone values: foo bar baz
      • Can be marked as required.
    • Rest arguments that are passed to subsequent scripts (aggregated after --): foo -- bar
    • Supports string, number, boolean, and list based values, with the addition of:
      • Single value based on a list of possible choices.
      • Multiple values with optional arity count requirements.
    • Group multiple short options under a single argument: -fBp
      • Increment a counter each time a short option is found in a group.
    • Strict parser and validation checks, allowing for informative interfaces.
      • Custom option and param validation for increased accuracy.


    yarn add @boost/args



    npm i @boost/args

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