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    Short Term Memory

    Isomorphic Session Storage

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    Very small library that places a layer of abstraction over the browsers built in Session Storage API. This means you can program to this library and it will ensure you do not make any hard links between your application and the browser. When this is ran outside of a browser then it will polyfill the storage with an in-memory key-value store.

    Note that this library only deals with short-lived storage (Session Storage) and does not currently deal with longer term storage (i.e. Local Storage).


    This library could be consumed as either a pure TypeScript library or as its trans-compiled ES2015 JavaScript counterpart.

    To install through NPM:

    npm install --save @bluemarblepayroll/short-term-memory

    To install through Yarn:

    yarn add @bluemarblepayroll/short-term-memory


    The Store API is meant to implement the main SessionStorage API methods:

    1. getItem
    2. setItem
    3. removeItem
    4. clear

    The other methods, such as key and length, were purposely omitted from the initial implementation. These methods can be added later should the need arise.

    Storing & Retrieving Values

    import StorageManager from "@bluemarblepayroll/short-term-memory";
    StorageManager.setItem('Iron Man', 'Tony Stark');
    let ironMansName = StorageManager.getItem('Iron Man'); // returns 'Tony Stark'

    Removing Values

    import StorageManager from "@bluemarblepayroll/short-term-memory";
    StorageManager.setItem('Iron Man', 'Tony Stark');
    StorageManager.removeItem('Iron Man');
    let ironMansName = StorageManager.getItem('Iron Man'); // returns null


    import StorageManager from "@bluemarblepayroll/short-term-memory";
    StorageManager.setItem('Iron Man', 'Tony Stark');
    StorageManager.setItem('Hulk', 'Bruce Banner');
    let ironMansName = StorageManager.getItem('Iron Man'); // returns null
    let hulksName = StorageManager.getItem('Hulk'); // returns null


    Development Environment Configuration

    Basic steps to take to get this repository compiling:

    1. Install Node.js (check package.json for versions supported.)
    2. Install Yarn package manager: npm install -g yarn
    3. Clone the repository: git clone
    4. Navigate to the root folder: cd short-term-memory
    5. Install dependencies: yarn


    To compile the TypeScript source down to native JavaScript, run:

    yarn run build

    Running Tests

    To execute the test suite run:

    yarn run test


    yarn run lint


    Note: ensure you have proper authorization before trying to publish new versions.

    After code changes have successfully gone through the Pull Request review process then the following steps should be followed for publishing new versions:

    1. Merge Pull Request into master
    2. Update package.json version number
    3. Update
    4. Push master to remote and ensure CI builds master successfully
    5. Build the project locally: yarn run build
    6. Perform a dry run: npm publish --access public --dry-run. Inspect packaging, ensure all files (including dist) are included.
    7. Publish package to NPM: npm publish --access public
    8. Tag master with new version: git tag <version>
    9. Push tags remotely: git push origin --tags


    This project is MIT Licensed.


    npm i @bluemarblepayroll/short-term-memory

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