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This package installs the system-specific native clarity-cli binary.

The JS module also provides programmatic access to the binary file path and the installation functions.


An installation script runs automatically when this package is installed via npm install (or an equivalent package install tool/command). Pre-built dist files are downloaded if the platform & arch is supported, otherwise, it attempts to compile the binary from source.

Controlling Installation Options

Force install via source compilation by specifying either the BLOCKSTACK_CORE_SOURCE_TAG or BLOCKSTACK_CORE_SOURCE_BRANCH environment variables. The variable must be available during the npm install script. If found then the script will not attempt to download a pre-compiled distributable. The value must be set to a git tag or branch on the https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-core repo.

To move a local copy of the clarity-cli binary from a different folder on your machine, include the environment variable BLOCKSTACK_CORE_SOURCE_PATH.

For example, the following commands test a blockstack-core repo feature branch using the clarity-tutorials package:

git clone git@github.com:blockstack/clarity-js-sdk.git
cd clarity-js-sdk
BLOCKSTACK_CORE_SOURCE_BRANCH="feature/new-thing" npm install
cd packages/clarity-tutorials
npm test

Or, for an already setup local SDK dev environment, trigger an npm install of this package. Examples:

cd clarity-js-sdk
BLOCKSTACK_CORE_SOURCE_BRANCH="feature/new-thing" npm run rebuild


cd clarity-js-sdk/packages/clarity-native-bin
BLOCKSTACK_CORE_SOURCE_BRANCH="feature/new-thing" npm install

Source Compilation Requirements

If compiling from source then the Rust toolchain and a C compiler must be available.

  • Specifically, cargo must be available in PATH. rustup is the recommended toolchain installer.
  • See C compiler requirement details at cc-rs (gcc, clang, and msvc are supported).

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