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    MercadoPago Tokenize Checkout RN License: MIT

    A component to integrate MercadoPago tokenize checkout into a RN app.

    Why this exists?

    Currently, MercadoPago native SDKs doesn't support card tokenization and card save/restore from user.

    Table of contents

    Use case

    You're using RN for building an app, and you need to integrate MercadoPago checkout in your app.


    Our package currently supports apps with RN >= 0.60. We don't have a plan currently to support olders ones, but if you need we're open to support it.

    Pre Requisites

    As a pre requisite you'll need the following before integrating the library:

    1. A MercadoPago Account
    2. A publicKey from your MercadoPago Account

    If you don't have any of the followings, you can start from here:

    1. Creating a MercadoPago Account
    2. Creating a MercadoPago Application

    If you've more doubts you can read more documentation in this portal:


    You can install this library via NPM or YARN.


    npm i @blackbox-vision/react-native-mercadopago-tokenize-checkout


    yarn add @blackbox-vision/react-native-mercadopago-tokenize-checkout

    Example Usage

    After reading and performing the previous steps, you should be able to import the library and use it like in this example:

    import Env from 'react-native-config';
    import React, { useState } from 'react';
    import { StyleSheet, View, Text, TouchableOpacity, Alert } from 'react-native';
    import MercadoPagoWebTokenizeCheckout from '@blackbox-vision/react-native-mercadopago-tokenize-checkout';
    import styles from './styles';
    export default function App() {
      return (
          productLabel="Awesome Product"
            elements: '#000',
            header: '#000',

    Realistic Example

    We provide a more real sample app here.

    Example App Running


    The MercadoPago WebTokenize Checkout component support the following props:

    Properties Types Default Value Description
    amount number none The amount to pay for the product
    action string none The action where the data will be sent
    publicKey string none The Public Key for MP
    keepOpen boolean none Flag to restore the payment state if failure
    cardsIds string[] none The cards associated to the customer
    customerId string none The ID for the customer
    theme object none The theme for the checkout
    productLabel string none The label for the product
    discountLabel string none The theme for the checkout
    maxInstallments number none The label for the discount
    discount number none The amount for the discount
    shipping number none The amount for the shipping
    charge number none The amount for the additional charge
    taxes number none The amount for the taxes
    arrears number none The amount for the arrears
    style object none The additional styles to customize the WebView

    The theme has the following props:

    Properties Types Default Value Description
    elements string none Hexadecimal color for all the elements
    header string none Hexadecimal color for the header


    Please, open an issue following one of the issues templates. We will do our best to fix them.


    If you want to contribute to this project see contributing for more information.


    Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.


    npm i @blackbox-vision/react-native-mercadopago-tokenize-checkout

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