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Appframe CLI

Development tools for Appframe Web


Install globally:

npm install -g @bjornarvh/appframe-cli
appframe help

or install as a development dependency, and use npx:

npm install --save-dev @bjornarvh/appframe-cli
npx appframe help

Appframe CLI also requires the following development applications to be installed on the domain you are publishing to:

  • appdesigner
  • appdesigner-datasource
  • appdesigner-script
  • appdesigner-css
  • components
  • components-editor
  • sitesetup
  • sitesetup-stylesheet
  • sitesetup-script

Due to the way data objects work, changes in data objects in these articles may cause the CLI to be incompatible. Specifically this will happen if the index of the primkey column is changed.


You can use appframe help [command] to get some basic information about a command. appframe help without a command name will list available commands.


The development articles do not contain any data source for site components, so to be able to publish to site components, you can run appframe install <options> to add the needed data source to the components article.


  • hostname - Hostname to install the components to
  • domain (optional) - If hostname isn't a valid domain, use this to specify which domain we should use to publish.
  • user - Appframe login to use to install
  • password - Password for the user

Publish scripts and styles

Use appframe publish to publish one or more scripts to an Appframe website.


Most parameters can be passed either as a command line parameter, or in a configuration file. The exceptions are config, which can only be used as a command line parameter, and targets, which can only be used in a config file.

Authentication and target URL

Credentials and domain used to publish sources.

  • user Appframe username used to publish the script/style.
  • password Password for the Appframe-user
  • domain (optional) Domain used for authentication, and to publish the scripts/styles. Must have the articles specified in the "Installation" section. If left blank, the hostname parameter will be used

Publish target

  • article Article to publish to for types article-script and article-style. Will be ignored for other target types.
  • hostname Hostname for the website.
  • mode 'test', 'production' or both. This parameter is not used for article-script and article-style
  • source Path to the file containing the source code to publish
  • target Name of the target we're publishing to. Will be used as path for components, or file name for site and article scripts/styles
  • type What kind of target we're publishing to. Available types are:
    • article-script
    • article-style
    • component-global
    • component-site (if the install command has been run for the target hostname)
    • site-script
    • site-style

Example command to publish a site script using command line parameters:

appframe publish --hostname --user myuser --password mypassword --source ./dist/bundle.min.js --target mylibrary.min.js --type site-script

Using a config file

If you need to publish multiple sources/targets or get parameters programmatically (e.g. get username/password from an ENV variable.), you can use a configuration file instead of CLI parameters.

  • config Path to a configuration file. We use node require() to get the configuration, so this may be a JSON file, or a javascript file that exports an object.
  • targets If you're using a configuration file, the targets parameter can be used to publish multiple sources. See the Targets section below for usage description


A target to publish to can be described either as an array or an object. The parameter can contain a single target, or an array of targets.

Array target

Array items:

  1. source file
  2. target name
  3. target type
  4. hostname (optional)

For example, to publish the file ./dist/bundle.min.js to a site script called mylibrary.min.js:

['./dist/bundle.min.js', 'mylibrary.min.js', 'site-script']

Note that for the article-script type, the target name have to be in the format [article-name]/[script-name]. For the article-style type, the target name should be the article name.

Object target

An object with keys matching the parameters above. Source, target and type parameters are required, while the other parameters will use the parameters specified at root level if they are not given.

Example to publish a source file named ./dist/bundle.min.js to a global component named modules/mycomponent.min.js:

  source: './dist/bundle.min.js',
  target: 'modules/mycomponent.min.js',
  type: 'component-global'

Example: Publishing with a configuration file

Given this configuration file called appframe.config.js

const dotenv = require('dotenv');


const {
  APPFRAME_PWD: password
} = process.env;

const source = './test/testsource.js';
const target = 'jest-test-source.min.js';
const testArticle = 'publish-test';

module.exports = {
  mode: 'production',
  targets: [
    ['./test/testsource.js', testArticle, 'article-style'],
    ['./test/testsource.js', `${testArticle}/${target}`, 'article-script'],
    { source, target, type: 'component-site' },
    { source, target, type: 'component-global' },
    { source, target, type: 'site-script' }
  domain: '',
  hostname: 'AppframeWeb2016',
  type: 'site-style',

you can publish using this command

appframe publish --config appframe.config.js

Type notes


Since articles only contain a single stylesheet, the CLI will wrap the source in a comment containing the source file name. When publishing, we look for the wrapping comment and replace the block. If the comment is not found, it is appended to the existing stylesheet.

This means that if you rename the source file, the styles will be appended another time instead of replacing the old styles.

The target for an article-style should always be the article ID.


A version command is available to see which version of the Appframe CLI you are using.

appframe version

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