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BitGo Account Lib

This library is responsible for building and signing transactions for account-based coins (for example, Ethereum, Algorand, EOS, Tron, etc.). Account Lib was developed for BitGo and BitGo's multi-sig wallets, but it can also be used independently, outside of our wallet ecosystem.

Account Lib can be used in an offline environment.

Supported Coins

Below is the list of coins supported by this library -- as well as those that are on the roadmap.

Coin Mainnet Ticker Testnet Ticker Supported In Library
Alogrand algo talgo Yes
CELO celo tcelo Yes
Ethereum eth teth Yes
Ethereum Classic etc tetc Yes
RSK rbtc trbtc Yes
Stellar xlm txlm Not yet...
Tezos xtz txtz Yes
Tron trx ttrx Yes

Core Concepts


The TranssactionBuilder class guides a user through the construction of a transaction. The purpose of the TransactionBuilder is to yield a Transaction object that can broadcast to the network.


Transaction objects are JavaScript representations of blockchain transactions that implement protocol specific validation rules. Transactions provide encoding mechanisms that allow them to be validly broadcast to their respective network.

Transaction Types

TransactionBuilder supports the following transaction types:

  • Send: Transfers funds from a wallet.

  • Wallet Initialization: Initializes a wallet's account on the network (e.g., multi-sig contract deployment).

  • Address Initialization: Initializes a wallet's address on the network (e.g., forwarder contract deployment).

  • Account Update: Updates an account on the network (e.g., public key revelation operation for Tezos).

Offline Availability

Account Lib was designed to be used for offline signings in an offline environment.


Install the library with npm. If you plan on contributing to the project, you may wish to follow different installation instructions outlined in this doc.

$ cd <your_project>
$ npm install @bitgo/account-lib


Below is an example that demonstrates how the library can be used to build and sign a Tron testnet transaction.


Instantiate the TransactionBuilder for the coin you want to work with:

// Import the package (javascript import)
const accountLib = require('@bitgo/account-lib');
// or import the pacakage using typescript
import * as accountLib from '@bitgo/account-lib';

// Instantiate the Transaction Builder for Tron (testnet)
const txBuilder = accountLib.getBuilder('ttrx');

Transaction Construction and Signing

Use the transaction builder instance (created in the previous step) to sign a transaction:

// Define an unsigned Tron transaction object
const unsignedBuildTransaction = {
  visible: false,
  txID: '80b8b9eaed51c8bba3b49f7f0e7cc5f21ac99a6f3e2893c663b544bf2c695b1d',
  raw_data: {
    contract: [
        parameter: {
          value: {
            amount: 1718,
            owner_address: '41c4530f6bfa902b7398ac773da56106a15af15f92',
            to_address: '4189ffaf9da8c6fae32189b2e6dce228249b1129aa',
          type_url: 'type.googleapis.com/protocol.TransferContract',
        type: 'TransferContract',
    ref_block_bytes: '90e4',
    ref_block_hash: 'a018bf9892ddb138',
    expiration: 1571811468000,
    timestamp: 1571811410819,

// Use that object to build and sign a transaction
  key: 'A81B2E0C55A7E2B2E837ZZC437A6397B316536196989A6F09EE49C19AD33590W',
const tx = await txBuilder.build();

More examples:


If you'd like to contribute to this project, see the developer guide for contribution norms and expectations.

There is a near-term goal to move this library toward a plugin-based architecture for coin registration. Until then, PRs adding support for new coins will be put on hold.




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