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Biconomy SDK

Biconomy SDK TypeScript Test Coverage

👋 Introduction

The Biconomy SDK is your all-in-one toolkit for building decentralized applications (dApps) with ERC4337 Account Abstraction and Smart Accounts. It is designed for seamless user experiences and offers non-custodial solutions for user onboarding, sending transactions (userOps), gas sponsorship and much more.

⚙️ installation

npm i @biconomy/account

🛠️ Quickstart

import { createSmartAccountClient } from "@biconomy/account";

const smartAccount = await createSmartAccountClient({
  signer: viemWalletOrEthersSigner,
  bundlerUrl: "", // From dashboard.biconomy.io
  paymasterUrl: "", // From dashboard.biconomy.io

const { wait } = await smartAccount.sendTransaction({ to: "0x...", value: 1 });

const {
  receipt: { transactionHash },
} = await wait();

🌟 Features

  • ERC4337 Account Abstraction: Simplify user operations and gas payments.
  • Smart Accounts: Enhance user experience with modular smart accounts.
  • Paymaster Service: Enable third-party gas sponsorship.
  • Bundler Infrastructure: Ensure efficient and reliable transaction bundling.

For a step-by-step guide on integrating ERC4337 Account Abstraction and Smart Accounts into your dApp using the Biconomy SDK, refer to the official documentation. You can also start with Quick start here.

📚 Resources

💼 Example Usages

Key Description
signer This signer will be used for signing userOps for any transactions you build. Will accept ethers.JsonRpcSigner as well as a viemWallet
paymasterUrl You can pass in a paymasterUrl necessary for sponsoring transactions (retrieved from the biconomy dashboard)
bundlerUrl You can pass in a bundlerUrl (retrieved from the biconomy dashboard) for sending transactions
import { createSmartAccountClient } from "@biconomy/account";
import { createWalletClient, http, createPublicClient } from "viem";
import { privateKeyToAccount, generatePrivateKey } from "viem/accounts";
import { mainnet as chain } from "viem/chains";

const account = privateKeyToAccount(generatePrivateKey());
const signer = createWalletClient({ account, chain, transport: http() });

const smartAccount = await createSmartAccountClient({
Key Description
oneOrManyTx Submit multiple or one transactions
userOpReceipt Returned information about your tx, receipts, userOpHashes etc
const oneOrManyTx = { to: "0x...", value: 1 };

const { wait } = await smartAccount.sendTransaction(oneOrManyTx, {
  mode: PaymasterMode.SPONSORED,

const {
  receipt: { transactionHash },
} = await wait();
Key Description
buildUseropDto Options for building a userOp
paymasterServiceData PaymasterOptions set in the buildUseropDto
import { encodeFunctionData, parseAbi } from "viem";

const encodedCall = encodeFunctionData({
  abi: parseAbi(["function safeMint(address to) public"]),
  functionName: "safeMint",
  args: ["0x..."],

const tx = {
  to: nftAddress,
  data: encodedCall,
const oneOrManyTx = [tx, tx]; // Mint twice
const paymasterServiceData = {
  mode: PaymasterMode.ERC20,
  preferredToken: "0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48", // USDC
const buildUseropDto = { paymasterServiceData };

const { wait } = await smartAccount.sendTransaction(oneOrManyTx, buildUseropDto);

const {
  receipt: { transactionHash },
} = await wait();

🤝 Contributing

Community contributions are welcome! For guidelines on contributing, please read our contribution guidelines.

📜 License

This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE.md file for details.

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