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    This package is a workaround for an issue prior to Bazel 2.1. If you are on Bazel 2.1 or later, you should not need this, because the .bazelignore file contains node_modules so that Bazel doesn't try to read packages from this directory.

    A tool to hide Bazel files that may be shipped with some npm packages. Packages with these files cause build failures when used with npm_install or yarn_install when used in Bazel 2.0 or earlier.

    This tool renames all BUILD and BUILD.bazel files under node_modules to _BUILD and _BUILD.bazel respectively.

    If you see an error such as

    ERROR: /private/var/tmp/_bazel_greg/37b273501bbecefcf5ce4f3afcd7c47a/external/npm/BUILD.bazel:9:1: Label '@npm//:node_modules/rxjs/src/AsyncSubject.ts' crosses boundary of subpackage '@npm//node_modules/rxjs/src' (perhaps you meant to put the colon here: '@npm//node_modules/rxjs/src:AsyncSubject.ts'?)

    then chances are there is an npm package in your dependencies that contains a BUILD file. To resolve this, add @bazel/hide-bazel-files to your devDependencies. The @bazel/hide-bazel-files npm package automatically runs a postinstall step that renames all Bazel build files in your node_modules.

    "devDependencies": {
      "@bazel/hide-bazel-files": "latest"

    Note: The commonly used npm package rxjs contains BUILD files from version 5.5.5 to 6.4.0 inclusive. These have now been removed in version 6.5.0. If you are using an rxjs version in that range and that is the only npm package in your dependencies that contains BUILD files then you can try upgrading to rxjs 6.4.0 instead of using hide-bazel-files.


    npm i @bazel/hide-bazel-files

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