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    Super extensible utility library for javascript apps.

    As an alternative to lodash or underscore, basekits is a modular, fast and powerful helper library for javascript apps.


    The core package has no utility or helper. Utility and helper functions are provided by kits. A kit, is a group of helper functions. The core allows you to add/update/remove kits.


    Through npm:

    npm i @basekits/core

    Usage and Sample Kit

    Let's create a sample kit that has two functions which are isString and isUUID:

    const sampleKit = {
      name: 'sample',
      items: {
        isString: function isString(v) {
          return typeof v == 'string'
        isUUID: function isUUID(v) {
          return this.regexes.uuid.test(v)
      opts: {
        regexes: {
          uuid: /[a-zA-Z0-9]{8}-[a-zA-Z0-9]{4}-[a-zA-Z0-9]{4}-[a-zA-Z0-9]{4}-[a-zA-Z0-9]{12}/g

    name, items and opts are the three main properties that creates the kit. Now we are going to see how core eats them:

    const kit = require('@basekits/core')
    // add kit
    // all valid items registered
    kit.isString('some string') // returns true
    kit.isString(12) // returns false
    kit.isUUID('109156be-c4fb-41ea-b1b4-efe1671c5836') // returns true

    As you see above, all items registered as a property for kit and ready to use. regexes property in opts indicates that the kit is going to need some regular expressions in order to work. core stores regular expressions in its regexes property and they can be accessible in this.regexes property as you can see above in isUUID.

    If you would like to add, update or remove an item in the sample kit:

    // kit.isString is not available anymore
    kit.sample.addItem('isString', function isString() {/*...*/})
    kit.isString('') // returns true
    // replace existing function with the new one
    kit.sample.updateItem('isString', function isString() {/**/})

    Kits Available To Use

    No one needs to write its own kit unless there is a special need. There are many kits written already and anyone can start using it right away:

    1. @basekits/kit-type
    2. @basekits/kit-array
    3. @basekits/kit-error
    4. @basekits/kit-object
    5. @basekits/kit-validator
    6. @basekits/kit-dom
    7. @basekits/kit-hashing
    8. @basekits/kit-function
    9. @basekits/kit-string

    Development & Contributing

    Clone this repo and run test:

    npm run test

    Run builds:

    npm run builds

    Make a pull request.


    npm i @basekits/core

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