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Vue 3 Multiselect


Other libraries

  • @vueform/slider - Vue 3 slider component with multihandles, tooltips merging and formatting.
  • @vueform/toggle - Vue 3 toggle component with labels, custom slots and styling options.

Multiselect features

  • Vue 2 & 3 support
  • No dependencies
  • 100% coverage
  • TypeScript support
  • ESM support
  • Single select options
  • Multiple select options
  • Tags
  • Option groups
  • Async options
  • Search & filtering
  • Custom slots
  • Events
  • CSS vars support
  • Tailwind & utility class support
  • Fully configurable
  • CSP compilant


Check out our demo.


npm install @vueform/multiselect

Using with Vue 3


  import Multiselect from '@vueform/multiselect'

  export default {
    components: {
    data() {
      return {
        value: null,
        options: [

<style src="@vueform/multiselect/themes/default.css"></style>

Using with Vue 2

When using Vue 2 install @vue/composition-api via npm/yarn first:

npm i @vue/composition-api --save-dev

Then install the plugin for Vue:

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueCompositionAPI from '@vue/composition-api'


After that make sure to change the imported Multiselect module to:

import Multiselect from '@vueform/multiselect/dist/multiselect.vue2.js'

Using with Nuxt.js

First you need install @nuxtjs/composition-api:

npm i @nuxtjs/composition-api --save

Then you need to enable it as a module in nuxt.config.js:

  buildModules: [

After that make sure to change the imported module to Vue 2 version of Multiselect:

import Multiselect from '@vueform/multiselect/dist/multiselect.vue2'

For more information on using @nuxtjs/composition-api read their documentation.


Join our Discord channel or open an issue.

Basic props

Name Type Default Description
mode string single Possible values: single|multiple|tags.
options array|object|function [] List of options. Can be:
- an array (eg. [1,2,3])
- an object (eg. {a:1,b:2,c:3})
- an array of objects:
    [valueProp]: 1,
    [label]: 'v1',
- a function returning a Promise (async function) with query input param. The promise should return options as an object or as an array of objects.
When an array of objects is provided it must have properties that equal to :valueProp's, :trackBy's and :label's value.
groups boolean false Whether options should be groupped. Example:
  groups: true,
  options: [
      [groupLabel]: 'Group label',
      [groupOptions]: {options},
      disabled: true|false,
The {options} should equal to regular options definition.
groupLabel string label The name of the property that contains the label of a group when options are provided in group format and groups is true.
groupOptions string options The name of the property that contains the options of a group when options are provided in group format and groups is true.
groupSelect boolean true Whether groups can be selected when using multiple or tags mode.
groupHideEmpty boolean false Whether groups that have no options by default should be hidden.
required boolean false Whether the HTML5 required attribute should be used for multiselect (using an invisible fake input).
searchable boolean false Whether the options should be searchable.
valueProp string 'value' If you provide an array of objects as options this property should be used as the value of the option.
trackBy string 'label' The name of the property that should be searched when searchable is true and an array of objects are provided as options.
label string 'label' If you provide an array of objects as options the value of this property will be displayed as selected option.
placeholder string null The text that should be displayed before any option is selected.
multipleLabel function A function that returns the label to be displayed for selected options when using multiple mode. It receives value as an argument. By default it renders 1 option selected and [n] options selected based on value length.
disabled boolean false Whether the input should be disabled for the user (API can still be used programmatically).
inputType string text The type attribute of the search input.
autocomplete string undefined The autocomplete attribute of the search input.
max number -1 The maximum number of options that can be selected when using multiple or tags mode. If -1 the number of options won't be limited.
limit number -1 The maximum number of options that should be displayed. If -1 the number of options won't be limited.
loading boolean false Whether a loading spinner should be shown.
id string 'multiselect' The id of the multiselect container DOM.
caret boolean true Whether should display the caret symbol on the right.
noOptionsText string 'The list is empty' The text that should be displayed when options list is empty.
noResultsText string 'No results found' The text that should be displayed when there are no search results.
openDirection string bottom Whether the option list should be displayed above or below the multiselect. Possible values: top|bottom
strict boolean true Whether should regard accents/diacritics in search.
classes object An object of class names that gets merged with the default values. Default: {
  container: 'multiselect',
  containerDisabled: 'is-disabled',
  containerOpen: 'is-open',
  containerOpenTop: 'is-open-top',
  containerActive: 'is-active',
  singleLabel: 'multiselect-single-label',
  multipleLabel: 'multiselect-multiple-label',
  search: 'multiselect-search',
  tags: 'multiselect-tags',
  tag: 'multiselect-tag',
  tagDisabled: 'is-disabled',
  tagRemove: 'multiselect-tag-remove',
  tagRemoveIcon: 'multiselect-tag-remove-icon',
  tagsSearchWrapper: 'multiselect-tags-search-wrapper',
  tagsSearch: 'multiselect-tags-search',
  tagsSearchCopy: 'multiselect-tags-search-copy',
  placeholder: 'multiselect-placeholder',
  caret: 'multiselect-caret',
  caretOpen: 'is-open',
  clear: 'multiselect-clear',
  clearIcon: 'multiselect-clear-icon',
  spinner: 'multiselect-spinner',
  dropdown: 'multiselect-dropdown',
  dropdownTop: 'is-top',
  dropdownHidden: 'is-hidden',
  options: 'multiselect-options',
  optionsTop: 'is-top',
  group: 'multiselect-group',
  groupLabel: 'multiselect-group-label',
  groupLabelPointable: 'is-pointable',
  groupLabelPointed: 'is-pointed',
  groupLabelSelected: 'is-selected',
  groupLabelDisabled: 'is-disabled',
  groupLabelSelectedPointed: 'is-selected is-pointed',
  groupLabelSelectedDisabled: 'is-selected is-disabled',
  groupOptions: 'multiselect-group-options',
  option: 'multiselect-option',
  optionPointed: 'is-pointed',
  optionSelected: 'is-selected',
  optionDisabled: 'is-disabled',
  optionSelectedPointed: 'is-selected is-pointed',
  optionSelectedDisabled: 'is-selected is-disabled',
  noOptions: 'multiselect-no-options',
  noResults: 'multiselect-no-results',
  fakeInput: 'multiselect-fake-input',
  spacer: 'multiselect-spacer'

Advanced Props

Name Type Default Description
canDeselect boolean true Whether a selected option can be deselected when using single mode.
canClear boolean true Whether option(s) can be cleared.
clearOnSearch boolean false Whether the option list should be cleared when a new character is typed before loading new options list, when using async options.
clearOnSelect boolean true Whether the option list should be cleared upon selecting an option when using async options.
closeOnSelect boolean true Whether the option list should be hidden upon selecting an option.
delay number -1 The delay in milliseconds that should occur between the last typed character and refreshing an async option list. If -1 the option list will not refresh when the search query changes. If 0 it will refresh without delay.
filterResults boolean true Whether option list should be filtered by search query. This may be set to false if you are handling filtering manually when returning async options.
minChars number 0 The minimum number of characters that should be typed to refresh async option list. If 0 it will refresh even when the search field becomes empty.
resolveOnLoad boolean true Whether async options should be loaded initially (with an empty query). This should be true if you are planning to load non-object value(s) initially while using async options (to fetch matching objects for values).
appendNewTag boolean true Whether it should append new tag automatically to option list when using tags mode with createTag. If set to false you need to take care of appending a new tag to the provided :options list upon @tag event.
createTag boolean false Whether it should allow creating new tag based on search query when using tags mode.
addTagOn array ['enter'] The list of keys that creates a new tag while typing in the search field when having createTag enabled. Possible values: 'enter'|'space'|'tab'|';'|','.
hideSelected boolean true Whether selected options should be excluded from the option list when using multiple or tags mode.
showOptions boolean true Whether option list should be displayed. Can be used to create free-typed tags.
object boolean false Whether the value should be stored as an object.
If false:
value: ['js','jsx','ts']
If true:
value: [
nativeSupport boolean false Whether hidden input fields should be appended to achieve native data handling.


Name Params Description
open Opens the options list and focuses the multiselect.
close Closes the options list and blurs the multiselect.
select option Selects an option based on its value.
deselect option Deselects an option based on its value.
remove option Alias for deselect.
clear Deselects all selected options.
clearSearch Clears current search query.
refreshOptions callback Refreshes async options list.

To access API use ref on Multiselect component:

// eg:
mounted() {


Event Attributes Description
@change value Emitted after the value is changed.
@close Emitted after closing the option list.
@deselect option Emitted after an option is deselected or a tag is removed.
@open Emitted after opening the option list.
@search-change query Emitted after a character is typed.
@select option Emitted after an option or tag is selected.
@tag query Emitted after enter is hit when a new tag is being created.
@clear Emitted when the options are cleared.
@paste Event Emitted when value is pasted into the search field.


Slot Attributes Description
placeholder Rendered as placeholder when the multiselect does not have value and placeholder prop is defined.
afterlist Rendered after the options list.
beforelist Rendered before the options list.
multiplelabel values Rendered when using multiple mode and options are selected. By default it renders the return value of multipleLabel function.
nooptions Rendered when the options list is empty. By default renders noOptionsText.
noresults Rendered when there are no search results. By default renders noResultsText.
grouplabel group Renders an option group label.
option option, search Renders an option in options list.
singlelabel value Rendered when using single mode and an option is selected. By default it renders the :label if the selected option.
tag option, handleTagRemove, disabled Renders a tag when using tags mode. When disabled the remove icon should not be displayed. The handleTagRemove prop should be used to trigger the removal of the tag.
caret Renders a small triangle on the right side of the multiselect.
clear clear Renders a remove icon if the multiselect has any value. The clear method should be used on mousedown event.
spinner Renders a loader icon when async options are being fetched.

Note: we don't use camelCase because they are normalized back to lowercase when written in DOM.

Styling with CSS vars

The following CSS variables can be used to customize multiselect when using default.css:

--ms-font-size: 1rem;
--ms-line-height: 1.375;
--ms-bg: #FFFFFF;
--ms-bg-disabled: #F3F4F6;
--ms-border-color: #D1D5DB;
--ms-border-width: 1px;
--ms-radius: 4px;
--ms-py: 0.5rem;
--ms-px: 0.875rem;
--ms-ring-width: 3px;
--ms-ring-color: #10B98130;
--ms-placeholder-color: #9CA3AF;
--ms-max-height: 10rem;

--ms-spinner-color: #10B981;
--ms-caret-color: #999999;
--ms-clear-color: #999999;
--ms-clear-color-hover: #000000;
--ms-tag-font-size: 0.875rem;
--ms-tag-line-height: 1.25rem;
--ms-tag-font-weight: 600;
--ms-tag-bg: #10B981;
--ms-tag-bg-disabled: #9CA3AF;
--ms-tag-color: #FFFFFF;
--ms-tag-color-disabled: #FFFFFF;
--ms-tag-radius: 4px;
--ms-tag-py: 0.125rem;
--ms-tag-px: 0.5rem;
--ms-tag-my: 0.25rem;
--ms-tag-mx: 0.25rem;

--ms-tag-remove-radius: 4px;
--ms-tag-remove-py: 0.25rem;
--ms-tag-remove-px: 0.25rem;
--ms-tag-remove-my: 0rem;
--ms-tag-remove-mx: 0.125rem;

--ms-dropdown-bg: #FFFFFF;
--ms-dropdown-border-color: #D1D5DB;
--ms-dropdown-border-width: 1px;
--ms-dropdown-radius: 4px;

--ms-group-label-py: 0.3rem;
--ms-group-label-px: 0.75rem;
--ms-group-label-line-height: 1.375;
--ms-group-label-bg-pointed: #D1D5DB;
--ms-group-label-color-pointed: #374151;
--ms-group-label-bg-disabled: #F3F4F6;
--ms-group-label-color-disabled: #D1D5DB;
--ms-group-label-bg-selected: #059669;
--ms-group-label-color-selected: #FFFFFF;
--ms-group-label-bg-selected-pointed: #0c9e70;
--ms-group-label-color-selected-pointed: #FFFFFF;
--ms-group-label-bg-selected-disabled: #75cfb1;
--ms-group-label-color-selected-disabled: #D1FAE5;

--ms-option-font-size: 1rem;
--ms-option-line-height: 1.375;
--ms-option-bg-pointed: #FFFFFF;
--ms-option-bg-selected: #10B981;
--ms-option-bg-disabled: #FFFFFF;
--ms-option-bg-selected-pointed: #26C08E;
--ms-option-bg-selected-disabled: #FFFFFF;
--ms-option-color-pointed: #1F2937;
--ms-option-color-selected: #FFFFFF;
--ms-option-color-disabled: #D1D5DB;
--ms-option-color-selected-pointed: #FFFFFF;
--ms-option-color-selected-disabled: #D1FAE5;
--ms-option-py: 0.5rem;
--ms-option-px: 0.75rem;

--ms-empty-color: #4B5563;

Override them globally:

:root {
  --ms-tag-bg: #059669;
  --ms-tag-color: #D1FAE5;
  --ms-tag-radius: 9999px;
  --ms-tag-font-weight: 400;

Or on an instance level:


.multiselect-green {
  --ms-tag-bg: #D1FAE5;
  --ms-tag-color: #059669;

.multiselect-blue {
  --ms-tag-bg: #DBEAFE;
  --ms-tag-color: #2563EB;

Styling with Tailwind CSS

To use Multiselect with Tailwind CSS first you need to add background images to tailwind.config.js:

// tailwind.config.js

const svgToDataUri = require('mini-svg-data-uri')

module.exports = {
  theme: {
    extend: {
      backgroundImage: (theme) => ({
        'multiselect-caret': `url("${svgToDataUri(
          `<svg viewBox="0 0 320 512" fill="currentColor" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><path d="M31.3 192h257.3c17.8 0 26.7 21.5 14.1 34.1L174.1 354.8c-7.8 7.8-20.5 7.8-28.3 0L17.2 226.1C4.6 213.5 13.5 192 31.3 192z"></path></svg>`,
        'multiselect-spinner': `url("${svgToDataUri(
          `<svg viewBox="0 0 512 512" fill="${theme('colors.green.500')}" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><path d="M456.433 371.72l-27.79-16.045c-7.192-4.152-10.052-13.136-6.487-20.636 25.82-54.328 23.566-118.602-6.768-171.03-30.265-52.529-84.802-86.621-144.76-91.424C262.35 71.922 256 64.953 256 56.649V24.56c0-9.31 7.916-16.609 17.204-15.96 81.795 5.717 156.412 51.902 197.611 123.408 41.301 71.385 43.99 159.096 8.042 232.792-4.082 8.369-14.361 11.575-22.424 6.92z"></path></svg>`,
        'multiselect-remove': `url("${svgToDataUri(
          `<svg viewBox="0 0 320 512" fill="currentColor" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><path d="M207.6 256l107.72-107.72c6.23-6.23 6.23-16.34 0-22.58l-25.03-25.03c-6.23-6.23-16.34-6.23-22.58 0L160 208.4 52.28 100.68c-6.23-6.23-16.34-6.23-22.58 0L4.68 125.7c-6.23 6.23-6.23 16.34 0 22.58L112.4 256 4.68 363.72c-6.23 6.23-6.23 16.34 0 22.58l25.03 25.03c6.23 6.23 16.34 6.23 22.58 0L160 303.6l107.72 107.72c6.23 6.23 16.34 6.23 22.58 0l25.03-25.03c6.23-6.23 6.23-16.34 0-22.58L207.6 256z"></path></svg>`,

Then you need to import themes/tailwind.scss to you main component:

  <div id="app">
    <Multiselect ... />

  // ...

<script lang="scss">
  @import 'path/to/node_modules/@vueform/multiselect/themes/tailwind.scss'

Using :classes prop

Alternatively you can define class names directly by passing them to the Multiselect component via classes property. When using this approach you don't need to import tailwind.scss. Here's a default styling for Tailwind CSS (the same included in tailwind.scss):

<Multiselect ... :classes="{
  container: 'relative mx-auto w-full flex items-center justify-end box-border cursor-pointer border border-gray-300 rounded bg-white text-base leading-snug outline-none',
  containerDisabled: 'cursor-default bg-gray-100',
  containerOpen: 'rounded-b-none',
  containerOpenTop: 'rounded-t-none',
  containerActive: 'ring ring-green-500 ring-opacity-30',
  singleLabel: 'flex items-center h-full absolute left-0 top-0 pointer-events-none bg-transparent leading-snug pl-3.5',
  multipleLabel: 'flex items-center h-full absolute left-0 top-0 pointer-events-none bg-transparent leading-snug pl-3.5',
  search: 'w-full absolute inset-0 outline-none appearance-none box-border border-0 text-base font-sans bg-white rounded pl-3.5',
  tags: 'flex-grow flex-shrink flex flex-wrap items-center mt-1 pl-2',
  tag: 'bg-green-500 text-white text-sm font-semibold py-0.5 pl-2 rounded mr-1 mb-1 flex items-center whitespace-nowrap',
  tagDisabled: 'pr-2 opacity-50',
  tagRemove: 'flex items-center justify-center p-1 mx-0.5 rounded-sm hover:bg-black hover:bg-opacity-10 group',
  tagRemoveIcon: 'bg-multiselect-remove bg-center bg-no-repeat opacity-30 inline-block w-3 h-3 group-hover:opacity-60',
  tagsSearchWrapper: 'inline-block relative mx-1 mb-1 flex-grow flex-shrink h-full',
  tagsSearch: 'absolute inset-0 border-0 outline-none appearance-none p-0 text-base font-sans box-border w-full',
  tagsSearchCopy: 'invisible whitespace-pre-wrap inline-block h-px',
  placeholder: 'flex items-center h-full absolute left-0 top-0 pointer-events-none bg-transparent leading-snug pl-3.5 text-gray-400',
  caret: 'bg-multiselect-caret bg-center bg-no-repeat w-2.5 h-4 py-px box-content mr-3.5 relative z-10 opacity-40 flex-shrink-0 flex-grow-0 transition-transform transform pointer-events-none',
  caretOpen: 'rotate-180 pointer-events-auto',
  clear: 'pr-3.5 relative z-10 opacity-40 transition duration-300 flex-shrink-0 flex-grow-0 flex hover:opacity-80',
  clearIcon: 'bg-multiselect-remove bg-center bg-no-repeat w-2.5 h-4 py-px box-content inline-block',
  spinner: 'bg-multiselect-spinner bg-center bg-no-repeat w-4 h-4 z-10 mr-3.5 animate-spin flex-shrink-0 flex-grow-0',
  dropdown: 'max-h-60 absolute -left-px -right-px bottom-0 transform translate-y-full border border-gray-300 -mt-px overflow-y-scroll z-50 bg-white flex flex-col rounded-b',
  dropdownTop: '-translate-y-full top-px bottom-auto flex-col-reverse rounded-b-none rounded-t',
  dropdownHidden: 'hidden',
  options: 'flex flex-col p-0 m-0 list-none',
  optionsTop: 'flex-col-reverse',
  group: 'p-0 m-0',
  groupLabel: 'flex text-sm box-border items-center justify-start text-left py-1 px-3 font-semibold bg-gray-200 cursor-default leading-normal',
  groupLabelPointable: 'cursor-pointer',
  groupLabelPointed: 'bg-gray-300 text-gray-700',
  groupLabelSelected: 'bg-green-600 text-white',
  groupLabelDisabled: 'bg-gray-100 text-gray-300 cursor-not-allowed',
  groupLabelSelectedPointed: 'bg-green-600 text-white opacity-90',
  groupLabelSelectedDisabled: 'text-green-100 bg-green-600 bg-opacity-50 cursor-not-allowed',
  groupOptions: 'p-0 m-0',
  option: 'flex items-center justify-start box-border text-left cursor-pointer text-base leading-snug py-2 px-3',
  optionPointed: 'text-gray-800 bg-gray-100',
  optionSelected: 'text-white bg-green-500',
  optionDisabled: 'text-gray-300 cursor-not-allowed',
  optionSelectedPointed: 'text-white bg-green-500 opacity-90',
  optionSelectedDisabled: 'text-green-100 bg-green-500 bg-opacity-50 cursor-not-allowed',
  noOptions: 'py-2 px-3 text-gray-600 bg-white',
  noResults: 'py-2 px-3 text-gray-600 bg-white',
  fakeInput: 'bg-transparent absolute left-0 right-0 -bottom-px w-full h-px border-0 p-0 appearance-none outline-none text-transparent',
  spacer: 'h-9 py-px box-content',
}" />

Certain classes has different states which are merged to the base class when the state is active. For example dropdown will be merged with dropdownTop when open-direction: 'top' resulting in the following classes: absolute -left-px -right-px bottom-0 transform translate-y-full border border-gray-300 -mt-px overflow-y-scroll z-50 bg-white flex flex-col rounded-b -translate-y-full top-px bottom-auto flex-col-reverse rounded-b-none rounded-t

The same is true for container, tag, options, groupLabel and option classes.

In case you need to override the same type of utility you might use @neojp/tailwind-important-variant for eg. bg-green-500!.


Single select

  :options="['Batman', 'Robin', 'Joker']"

JSFiddle - Example #1

Multiselect with object options

    batman: 'Batman',
    robin: 'Robin',
    joker: 'Joker'

JSFiddle - Example #2

Multiselect with disabled options

    { value: 'batman', label: 'Batman' },
    { value: 'robin', label: 'Robin', disabled: true },
    { value: 'joker', label: 'Joker' },

JSFiddle - Example #3

Multiselect with groups

      label: 'DC',
      options: ['Batman', 'Robin', 'Joker'],
      label: 'Marvel',
      options: ['Spiderman', 'Iron Man', 'Captain America'],

JSFiddle - Example #4

Tags with search, create and array of objects options

    { value: 'batman', label: 'Batman' },
    { value: 'robin', label: 'Robin' },
    { value: 'joker', label: 'Joker' },

JSFiddle - Example #5

Autocomplete with async options

  placeholder="Choose a programming language"
  :options="async function(query) {
    return await fetchLanguages(query) // check JS block in JSFiddle for implementation

JSFiddle - Example #6

Tags with async options

  placeholder="Choose your stack"
  :options="async function(query) {
    return await fetchLanguages(query) // check JS block in JSFiddle for implementation

JSFiddle - Example #7

Select with custom options slot

  placeholder="Select your character"
    { value: 'captainamerica', name: 'Captain America', icon: 'https://cdn2.iconfinder.com/data/icons/avengers-filled/48/03_-_Captain_America_-_infinity_war_-_end_game_-_marvel_-_avengers_-_super_hero-512.png' },
    { value: 'spiderman', name: 'Spiderman', icon: 'https://cdn2.iconfinder.com/data/icons/avengers-filled/48/12_-_Spiderman_-_infinity_war_-_end_game_-_marvel_-_avengers_-_super_hero-512.png' },
    { value: 'ironman', name: 'Iron Man', icon: 'https://cdn2.iconfinder.com/data/icons/avengers-filled/48/02_-_IRONMAN_-_infinity_war_-_end_game_-_marvel_-_avengers_-_super_hero-512.png' },
  <template v-slot:singlelabel="{ value }">
    <div class="multiselect-single-label">
      <img class="character-label-icon" :src="value.icon"> {{ value.name }}

  <template v-slot:option="{ option }">
    <img class="character-option-icon" :src="option.icon"> {{ option.name }}

JSFiddle - Example #8

Multiselect with custom label slot

  placeholder="Select your characters"
    batman: 'Batman',
    robin: 'Robin',
    joker: 'Joker'
  <template v-slot:multiplelabel="{ values }">
    <div class="multiselect-multiple-label">
      {{ values.length }} characters selected

JSFiddle - Example #9

Tags with custom tags slot

    placeholder="Select employees"
      { value: 'judy', name: 'Judy', image: 'https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/med/women/1.jpg' },
      { value: 'jane', name: 'Jane', image: 'https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/med/women/2.jpg' },
      { value: 'john', name: 'John', image: 'https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/med/men/1.jpg' },
      { value: 'joe', name: 'Joe', image: 'https://randomuser.me/api/portraits/med/men/2.jpg' }
      <template v-slot:tag="{ option, handleTagRemove, disabled }">
        <div class="multiselect-tag is-user">
          <img :src="option.image">
          {{ option.name }}
            @mousedown.prevent="handleTagRemove(option, $event)"
            <span class="multiselect-tag-remove-icon"></span>

  .multiselect-tag.is-user {
    padding: 5px 8px;
    border-radius: 22px;
    background: #35495e;
    margin: 3px 3px 8px;

  .multiselect-tag.is-user img {
    width: 18px;
    border-radius: 50%;
    height: 18px;
    margin-right: 8px;
    border: 2px solid #ffffffbf;

  .multiselect-tag.is-user i:before {
    color: #ffffff;
    border-radius: 50%;;

  .user-image {
    margin: 0 6px 0 0;
    border-radius: 50%;
    height: 22px;

JSFiddle - Example #10

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