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Shared Component Library for Bandwidth React Apps


How to use this library

Install the library as an NPM module. npm i --save @bandwidth/shared-components

Add the BandwidthThemeProvider to the root of your React component structure:

import { BandwidthThemeProvider } from '@bandwidth/shared-components';
  <MyApp />

Now you can start including the components in your code. Require them by traversing the directory structure of the module:

import { Button } from '@bandwidth/shared-components'`;

If you want to make this easier, you can alias the module in Webpack:

resolve: {
  modules: ['node_modules'],
  alias: {
    'shared-components': '@bandwidth/shared-components',
  extensions: ['.js', '.jsx'],

With this alias, you could just type:

import { Button } from 'shared-components';


To develop locally, run npm run styleguide. The docs should then be available at http://localhost:6060. Live reloading, etc should work as well.

Please refer to the contributing guide and read through the pull request template before submitting a PR!


The source of this library is licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE)

Bandwidth and the BW logo are trademarks of, Inc. Bandwidth reserves all rights to these trademarks, as well as any others that may be included from time to time.