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Gatsby Theme Availity

Shared theme for generating Availity Open Source Documentation



module.exports = {
  pathPrefix: '/sdk-js', // https://www.gatsbyjs.org/docs/path-prefix/
  __experimentalThemes: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-theme-availity',
      options: {
        root: __dirname,
        subtitle: 'Availity SDK',
          'Documentation for Availity Javascript SDK, Rest API and GraphQL',
        githubRepo: 'availity/sdk-js',
        sidebarCategories: {
          'Getting Started': ['index'],
          'API Resources': [
          Upload: ['upload-core/upload-core'],
          Analytics: ['analytics/analytics-core'],
Option name Type Description
root string Must be __dirname
subtitle string The title that gets rendered above the sidebar navigation
description string The site description for SEO and social (FB, Twitter) tags
contentDir string The directory where docs content exists (docs/source by default)
githubRepo string The owner and name of the content repository on GitHub
sidebarCategories object An object mapping categories to page paths ([described below][])


The sidebarCategories option is an object keyed by category titles. Each entry in the object is an array of page paths. The path should resemble the location of a Markdown/MDX file in the git repository, relative to contentDir, and without the .md extension. To add an external link to your sidebar, your can provide a string formatted like a Markdown link.

  'Getting Started': [
  Features: [
  'External links': [
    '[Principled GraphQL](https://principledgraphql.com/)'

Creating pages

This theme generates pages based on Markdown or MDX files in the contentDir directory of a repo. Your Markdown/MDX files should contain some frontmatter defining their titles and descriptions.

title: Introduction
description: What is Apollo Server and what does it do?

Apollo Server is the best way to quickly build a production-ready, self-documenting API for GraphQL clients, using data from any source.

Page URLs will be derived from the file paths of your Markdown. You can nest Markdown files within directories to create pages with additional path segments.


All docs sites will eventually be deployed into a subdirectory, as configured by the pathPrefix option—/docs/apollo-server, for example. Read this guide to learn more about publishing to a subdirectory.



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