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Post Upgrade Landing Page frontend

This is a frontend module for Post Upgrade Landing Page plugin.


import React from 'react';
import {render} from 'react-dom';
import PULP from '@atlassian/post-upgrade-landing-page';


  <PULP data={data} i18n={i18n} sendAnalytics={sendAnalytics} />,


  • data (required)

    An object containing initial data.

    interface data {
      contextPath: string;
      version: string;
      isRedirected: boolean;
      update?: {
        day: string;
        time: string;
      rows: {
        news: {
          headline: string;
          text: string;
          article?: {
            label: string;
            link: string;
            UTM: string;
          type?: string;
        applinks: {
          failedApplinks?: number;
        plugins: {
          failedPluginsNames?: string[];
          disabledPluginsNames?: string[];
          safeModeDisabledPluginsNames?: string[];
  • i18n (required)

    An object containing translations.

      "pulp.intro": "Welcome to JIRA {0}",
        "pulp.headline.not.redirected": "Latest upgrade report",
        "pulp.headline.redirected": "You've just been upgraded!",
        "pulp.subheader": "JIRA was successfully upgraded to version {0}. Here's a summary of the checks we ran during the upgrade.",
        "pulp.subheader.withdate": "JIRA was successfully upgraded to version {0} on {1} at {2}. Here's a summary of the checks we ran during the upgrade.",
        "pulp.continuelink": "Take me to JIRA",
        "pulp.footer": "For more info on the new features in JIRA {0}, take a look at the",
        "pulp.releasenote": "release notes",
        "pulp.rows.details.show": "Show details",
        "pulp.rows.details.hide": "Hide details",
        "pulp.releasenote.text": "For more info on the new features in JIRA {0}, take a look at the {1}.",
        "pulp.subheader.no.date": "Jira was successfully upgraded to version {0}.",
        "pulp.subheader.with.date": "Jira was successfully upgraded to version {0} on {1} at {2}.",
        "pulp.subheader.checks.summary": "Here's a summary of the checks we ran during the upgrade.",
        "pulp.subheader.checks.releasenote": "Take a look at the {0} to see the newest features in this version of Jira.",
        "pulp.releasenote.label": "Release notes",
        "pulp.releasenote.link": "https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/AdminJIRA/Jira+7.12.x+platform+release+notes",
        "pulp.tooltip.text": "If you''ve also upgraded {0} you will see these changes.",
        "pulp.rows.news.headline": "Need to know",
        "pulp.rows.news.description": "There are some important changes in this upgrade.",
        "pulp.rows.news.warning": "Reindex your instance as changes were made during upgrade that affected the search index. You should do this after updating your apps.",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.label": "Application links",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.headline.success": "Application links",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.headline.fail": "Application links failing: {0}",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.description.success": "All application links connected.",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.description.fail": "Some of your application links aren''t working correctly.",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.detail.success": "All application links are working. Manage these in the {0} section of Jira administration.",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.detail.fail": "They may not be able to connect or they may be broken. Check the {0} page for diagnostic information.",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.stp.text": "They are regularly checked by the {0}.",
        "pulp.rows.applinks.stp.label": "Support Tools Plugin",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.headline.disabled": "User apps disabled: {0}",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.kb.prompt": "Learn how to troubleshoot apps",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.headline.has.failed.plugins": "Failed apps: {0}",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.headline.no.failed.plugins": "User apps",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.description.has.failed.plugins": "Some of your user apps have failed to start. They may not be compatible with this version of Jira.",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.description.no.failed.plugins": "All apps available.",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.description.user.disabled.plugins": "Some of your apps were disabled before the upgrade:",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.description.safe.mode.disabled.plugins": "The following apps were disabled using the command line:",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.upmlink.enabled": "All apps are compatible and have started. Add-ons are managed by the {0} in Jira administration.",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.upmlink.disabled": "Go to the {0} to see if these have become incompatible.",
        "pulp.upm.text": "Universal Plugin Manager",
        "pulp.upm.url": "/plugins/servlet/upm/manage/user-installed",
        "pulp.rows.plugins.kb.prompt": "Learn how to troubleshoot apps"
  • sendAnalytics (required)

    Analytics function.

    interface Analytics {
      (eventId: string, attributes: any): any;




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