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    TypeScript/Node.js NATS template

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    This is a TypeScript/Node.js NATS template for the AsyncAPI generator.

    This template is for generating a TypeScript/Node.js wrapper for the NATS client based on your AsyncAPI document. The template is based on the nats.js library and can be used as both a TypeScript and Node.js library.

    Have you found a bug or have an idea for improvement? Feel free to contribute! See the contribution guidelines for how to do so.

    How to use

    Example use-cases can be found under examples.

    Information about the generated files and a description can be found under the documentation folder.


    • @asyncapi/generator < v2.0.0 >v1.1.1

    Install the generator through npm or run it from docker official installer.

    Template Parameters

    These are the available template parameters:

    Parameter Type Description
    generateTestClient Boolean Use this parameter to generate the test client. Add the following to the CLI when generating your code --param "generateTestClient=true"
    promisifyReplyCallback Boolean Use this parameter to change from the default regular callback when using the request operation. Add the following to the CLI when generating your code --param "promisifyReplyCallback=true"


    • Supports wildcard channels. AsyncAPI describes the channel path to be defined as RFC 6570 URI. So a channel containing a wildcard needs to be defined with parameters such as smartylighting/streetlights/{wildcard}.
    • Supports test/mirror client for testing or other useful scenarios.
    • This template can be used as a NodeJS library.
    • Generates payload models using the AsyncAPI model generation library.


    • Empty objects are not supported, use null types instead.


    Before contributing, please read the CONTRIBUTING document.


    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    Jonas Lagoni

    🐛 🚧 💻 📖 🤔 💬 ⚠️

    Maciej Urbańczyk


    Lukasz Gornicki

    🚇 👀

    Fran Méndez


    Colin Sullivan


    Alberto Ricart


    Alejandra Quetzalli



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