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    AsyncAPI Diff

    AsyncDiff is a library that compares two AsyncAPI files and provides information about the differences by pointing out explicitly information like breaking changes.

    npm npm


    npm install @asyncapi/diff


    NOTE: The library doesn't have a built-in parser to parse the given AsyncAPI document. Thus, you have to make sure they provide the valid & dereferenced AsyncAPI document as an input. You can use the AsyncAPI parser to parse and validate the AsyncAPI file first. You can use other tools, but you must make sure that the document is valid and dereferenced.

    import { diff } from "@asyncapi/diff"; // const { diff } = require('@asyncapi/diff');
    const output = diff(firstDocument, secondDocument, {
      overrides: {
        // object to override the standard

    Standard object

    This library has a pre-configured standard which marks a change as breaking, non-breaking or unclassified. This standard data is stored as an object inside the standard.ts file.

    The format of this standard object is explained in this document.

    Overriding the standard

    To understand the format of overriding object, take a look at this document.

    The overrides object must be passed in the following format:

    	[jsonPointer]: {
    		add: 'breaking' | 'non-breaking' | 'unclassified'
    		remove: 'breaking' | 'non-breaking' | 'unclassified'
    		edit: 'breaking' | 'non-breaking' | 'unclassified'


    See the index document to get all the helper methods this library offers.

    1. Without any overrides
    const output = diff(firstDocument, secondDocument);
    output.getOutput(); // the whole output data
    output.breaking(); // the breaking changes
    output.nonBreaking(); // the non-breaking changes
    output.unclassified(); // the unclassified changes
    1. With overrides
    const output = diff(firstDocument, secondDocument, {
      overrides: {
        "/servers/*/protocol": {
          add: "non-breaking",
          remove: "breaking",
          edit: "unclassified",


    Checkout the index document to see all the APIs this library offers.


    1. Write code and tests
    2. Make sure all tests pass npm run test
    3. Make sure code is well formatted and secure npm run lint


    Help us make this library more robust. Read CONTRIBUTING guide & start contributing.



    npm i @asyncapi/diff

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