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Pop Up Menu

A Pop-Up Menu provides users with a quick way to access common actions for a highlighted item.


1. Installation

Install the Astro UXDS Pop Up Menu package via Command Line (Preferred Method)

npm i --save @astrouxds/rux-pop-up-menu

You may use Yarn, NPM, or your Node package manager of choice. The --save flag adds this component as a dependency in your package.json file.

Alternatively, download the Astro UXDS Component Library source to your project.

Via CLI:

git clone

Or, download the Astro UXDS Components as a .zip

2. Import the Astro Pop Up Menu Web Component

This example assumes you're using the NPM package in node_modules. Otherwise, import the component using the path to the Astro Components directory in your project.

import { RuxPopUpMenu } from '@astrouxds/rux-pop-up-menu/rux-pop-up-menu.js'

3. Render the Astro Pop Up Menu Web Component

Pass properties as attributes of the Astro Pop Up Menu custom element:


Create a triggering element to initiate the pop up menu. Note: The trigger element must have an aria-controls attribute with a value equal to the id of the rux-pop-up-menu.

>Open pop up menu

Extending Astro Pop Up Menu with custom content. Any additional content that is passed into Astro Pop Up Menu will not be styled and will require cutom styling.

<rux-pop-up-menu id="popup-menu-7" .data="${data}">
  <div class="demo-slot">
      <a href="/sign-up">Sign Up</a>
      <rux-button @click="${login()}">Login</rux-button>


Property Type Default Required Description
id String - Yes A unique identifier to associate the pop up menu with a triggering element
data Array - Yes An array of objects that defines the pop up menu’s labels. Note: when used in an Angular environment you may need to stringify the data property

Sample data Array

A sample of a data Array.

    "id": "item1",
    "label": "Item 1"
    "id": "item2",
    "label": "Item 2"
    "role": "separator"
    "id": "item3",
    "label": "Item 3"

data Array Item Properties

Property Type Default Required Description
id String - Yes A unique identifier. If not supplied the component will auto-generate and id
label String - Yes The menu item’s label
role String - No Add "role": "separator" property to an empty object to create a cosmetic separator line in the menu

Component Events

Pop Up Menu emits a pop-up-menu-item-selected event whenever a user clicks on an menu item. Events contain a composed path to the element that triggered the event and an object in the the detail.selected event property.

Sample Tree event

window.addEventListener('pop-up-menu-item-selected', (e) => {
    console.log('Pop Up Menu Item Selected', e.detail.selected)

Event Properties

Property Type Description
selected Object The currently selected element




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