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Angular Ahead-of-Time Webpack Plugin

Webpack 4.0 plugin that AoT compiles your Angular components and modules.


In your webpack config, add the following plugin and loader.

Angular version 5 and up, use AngularCompilerPlugin:

import {AngularCompilerPlugin} from '@ngtools/webpack'

exports = { /* ... */
  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /(?:\.ngfactory\.js|\.ngstyle\.js|\.ts)$/,
        loader: '@ngtools/webpack'

  plugins: [
    new AngularCompilerPlugin({
      tsConfigPath: 'path/to/tsconfig.json',
      entryModule: 'path/to/app.module#AppModule',
      sourceMap: true

The loader works with webpack plugin to compile your TypeScript. It's important to include both, and to not include any other TypeScript compiler loader.


  • tsConfigPath. The path to the tsconfig.json file. This is required. In your tsconfig.json, you can pass options to the Angular Compiler with angularCompilerOptions.
  • basePath. Optional. The root to use by the compiler to resolve file paths. By default, use the tsConfigPath root.
  • entryModule. Optional if specified in angularCompilerOptions. The path and classname of the main application module. This follows the format path/to/file#ClassName.
  • mainPath. Optional if entryModule is specified. The main.ts file containing the bootstrap code. The plugin will use AST to determine the entryModule.
  • skipCodeGeneration. Optional, defaults to false. Disable code generation and do not refactor the code to bootstrap. This replaces templateUrl: "string" with template: require("string") (and similar for styles) to allow for webpack to properly link the resources.
  • sourceMap. Optional. Include sourcemaps.
  • compilerOptions. Optional. Override options in tsconfig.json.


The benefits and ability of using @ngtools/webpack standalone from the Angular CLI as presented in Stephen Fluin's Angular CLI talk at Angular Connect 2016:

  • Compiles SCSS/LESS
  • TypeScript transpilation
  • Bundles JavaScript, CSS
  • Asset optimization
  • Virtual filesystem for assets
  • For serving local assets and compile versions.
  • Live-reload via websockets
  • Code splitting
  • Recognizing the use of loadChildren in the router, and bundling those modules separately so that any dependencies of those modules are not going to be loaded as part of your main bundle. These separate bundles will be pulled out of the critical path of your application, making your total application bundle much smaller and loading it much more performant.

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