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A tiny library to be used with browserify (or webpack) that returns arrays rather than NodeLists from DOM queries and allows for composable queries.


$ npm install @artcommacode/q --save


q wraps querySelectorAll into two exported functions; query, which returns arrays rather than NodeLists and queryOne, which returns a single element.

import { query, queryOne } from '@artcommacode/q'

query('ul li')
// => [ <li>...</li>, <li>...</li>, <li>...</li> ]

query('ul li')[0].textContent
// => $1

queryOne('ul li')
// => <li>...</li>

queryOne('ul li') === query('ul li')[0]
// => true

You can compose queries by passing an element as the second argument:

const ul = queryOne('ul')
query('li', ul)
// => [ <li>...</li>, <li>...</li>, <li>...</li> ]

query will return an empty array if no elements are found and queryOne will return undefined:

query('ul div')
// => []

queryOne('ul div')
// => undefined

q will throw an error if you try to run a query on an element that doesn't exist:

const li = 'not_an_element'
query('div', li)
// => Error: "not_an_element" does't exist in the document


q is only 20 lines short, small enough to fit in this README:

const toArray = <T>(list: Iterable<T>): T[] => [...list]

const first = <T>(xs: T[]): T => xs[0]

const elemError = (e: mixed): void => {
  throw new Error(`"${String(e)}" does\'t exist in the document`)

const getRoot = (e?: HTMLElement): ?(Document | HTMLElement) => (
  !e ? document : (document && document.body && document.body.contains(e) ? e : elemError(e))

export const query = (q: string, e?: HTMLElement): HTMLElement[] => {
  const root = getRoot(e)
  return root ? toArray(root.querySelectorAll(q)) : []

export const queryOne = (q: string, e?: HTMLElement): ?HTMLElement => (
  first(query(q, e))

A couple things to note here:

  1. I'm using flow for static type checking.
  2. q doesn't shim querySelectorAll and as such is meant for modern (post IE7 or post IE8 if you're using CSS 3 selectors) browsers.


$ npm install && npm test

This will open a tab in your browser to run tests against test/index.html with the results displayed in your terminal. If you see # ok then it all went well, if there are any errors please submit an issue.


The 2.0 release of q is a complete rewrite, if you're still using 1.0 you can find the previous docs here.

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