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Simple Reverse Proxy

This library makes it easy to configure multiple reverse proxies with a single config file. The goal is to also make the library programmable so it can be used in code.


You can install it globally with the following:

yarn global add @argus-inc/simple-reverse-proxy

You can also install it in a project with the following:

yarn add @argus-inc/simple-reverse-proxy


To run simple-reverse-proxy you can do the following globally:

simple-reverse-proxy --config="./myconfig.json"

If you are in a project you can simply do the following:

yarn simple-reverse-proxy

The default file loaded is srp.json at the root of the project.


Here is a configuration example:

    "port": 8070,
    "hostname": "proxy.myapp.com",
    "hasSSL": false,
    "environment": "local",
    "servers": [
            "route": "/test/*",
            "destination": "http://localhost:8000"

Generic configuration:

  • port: This is the port the proxy should run on.
  • hostname: This is used if the environment is set to live. It is the hostname the proxy will be called.
  • hasSSL: If SSL should be used. If this is set to true then you will need to specify: pathCertificate, pathPrivateKey.
  • environment: Sets the current environment. This means for local the hostname will be ignored.
  • servers: An array of server configurations.

Server configuration:

  • route: The proxy route that should be called for redirection
  • destination: The destination of the traffic


    "route": "/test/*",
    "destination": "http://localhost:8000"

This will redirect for instance the request:

RQ: GET FW: GET http://localhost:8000/test/random


For development the few things to know are:

  • Types go in the src/types.ts file.
  • Interfaces, Classes, Enums comm capitalized for instance: MyClass, ConfigType, MyCoolEnum
  • Function names and variables come non first character capitalized for instance: myFunctionIsCool, myAwesomeUserVariable

Make sure to comment your code.

For stesting locally there is a test server in test/index.ts

It can be started with the following command:

yarn tes

For starting the dev environement you can use:

yarn dev


PRs are welcome to contribute to the project especially the ones tagged: hacktoberfest

Please follow the following standard for commits:

:emoji: action(namespace): Details


🚀 deploy(package): Updating package.json configuration for deployment 🐛 fix(child-manager): Fix buffer overflow issue

More info for gitmoji here https://gitmoji.dev/

Bugs & Issues

Please follow the creating an issue template for any bugs or problems


Burlet Mederic mederic.burlet@gmail.com




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