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Mantle SDK repository

Initialising a new Mantle instance:

const mantle = new Mantle()

The mantle instance exposes methods to facilitate, amongst other things, mnemonic and HD public/private key generation, IPFS API access etc.

Configuring Mantle

Mantle accepts a configuration object on instantiation, as below:

const mantle = new Mantle({
  provider: 'http://localhost:8545', // parity address
  proxyURL: 'http://localhost:3000/api', // proxy address for IPFS/Trx calls
  contracts: [ {
    name: 'foo',
    address: '0xde0B295669a9FD93d5F28D9Ec85E40f4cb697BAe',
    abi: [ {
      type: 'function',
      name: 'foo',
      constant: false,
      payable: false,
      stateMutability: 'nonpayable',
      inputs: [ { 'name': 'b', 'type': 'uint256' }, { 'name': 'c', 'type': 'bytes32' } ],
      outputs: [ { 'name': '', 'type': 'address' } ]
    } ]
  } ] // contract interfaces - automatically instantiated onto web3 if provided
  tokens: {
    ERC20: [
      { name: 'TokenName', address: '0x...'} // Will use the default ERC20 abi present in mantle, but a custom abi can be passed here as well

Mnemonic generation

Mnemonic, HD private/public keys and private/public keys are generated via loadMnemonic. Supply a mnemonic associated with an existing account in order to retrieve key information, or supply no argument in order to generate a new set of keys.

Symmetric encryption

Facilitated via the encryptSymmetric and decryptSymmetric static methods. Shared secrets can be generated via createSymmetricKey.


Please see tests in test/mantle.spec.js for further examples.

Mnemonic generation and key removal

mantle.mnemonic // undefined

mantle.loadMnemonic() // No argument supplied - used for new accounts

mantle.mnemonic // 'knife zone arch average surround tape napkin elephant share fuel jeans false'

mantle.mnemonic // null

mantle.loadMnemonic('tragic panic toast hazard royal marine visual laptop salmon guard finger upper') // Mnemonc supplied - should be used to load existing keys

Asymmetric encryption/decryption

const data = 'foo'

const encrypted = Mantle.encrypt(data, mantle.publicKey) // Returns a buffer

const decrypted = Mantle.decrypt(encrypted, mantle.privateKey) || mantle.decrypt(encrypted) // 'foo'

Symmetric encryption/decryption

const data = 'foo'
const secret = Mantle.createSymmetricKey()

const encrypted = Mantle.encryptSymmetric(data, secret) // Returns a Buffer

const decrypted = Mantle.decryptSymmetric(encrypted, secret) // 'foo'


If your config define one or multiple tokens they will be loaded automatically. The first token will become the defaultToken accessible via mantle.defaultToken. Other tokens can be access via mantle.tokens.TokenName.

Each tokens also has two convenience methods: getBalance(address) with address defaulting to mantle.address and sendTokens(address, amount). The default token getBalance and sendTokens methods are also aliased directly to mantle.getBalance() and mantle.sendTokens(...).




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