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    Apphud React Native SDK

    Apphud React Native SDK is a lightweight open-source library to manage auto-renewable subscriptions and other in-app purchases in your iOS/Android app. No backend required.

    Visit our website for details: https://apphud.com


    👍 Integrating subscriptions using our SDK is very easy.
    Apphud takes care of a subscription purchase process. Integrate SDK in just a few lines of code.

    🧾 App Store receipts validation.
    Apphud validates and periodically refreshes App Store receipts to give you real-time data.

    🧾 Google Play purchases validation.
    Apphud validates and periodically refreshes Google Play purchases to give you real-time data.

    🕗 View subscription details and transactions history.
    Get expiration date, autorenew status in our SDK.

    🕗 View non-renewing purchase details and transactions history.

    🔍 Determine for trial, introductory and promotional offer eligibility in your iOS app using our SDK.

    🔔 Receive a real-time notification when a user gets billed.
    We will send you a message to Slack and Telegram immediately when a user gets billed or started trial.

    📊 View key in-app purchases metrics in our dashboard and charts.

    🔌 Integrations. Are available on all plans. Send subscription renewal events to other mobile analytics.
    Apphud reduces pain in sending all subscription events to external mobile analytics: Amplitude, Mixpanel, AppsFlyer, etc.

    🎨 Create subscription purchase screens without coding in our visual web editor.
    You don't need to develop purchase screens. Just pick a template and modify it. So easy!

    Promotional subscription offers support.
    Use Apphud to easily give a discount for existing and lapsed customers. No backend required.

    💱 User local currency real-time conversion.

    🏆 Increase iOS app revenue using our Rules.
    Apphud will automatically offer a promotional discount based subscription events.

    🕵️ Subscription cancellation insights tool.
    Understand why you customers cancel a subscription to make right product decisions.

    💸 Handle billing grace period and billing issues.
    Apphud will automatically ask a user to update his billing details in case of billing issue during renewal.

    👏 Great documentation.

    🏃‍♂️ Fast support. We are online.


    Please feel free to read our SDK Integration Guide.

    Having troubles?

    If you have any questions or troubles with SDK integration feel free to contact us. We are online.


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    See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.




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