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    React Vault

    A React component to embed Apideck Vault in any React application.

    Go to the developer docs for a step-by-step guide.


    Install the packages

    npm install @apideck/react-vault

    Create a Vault session inside your application to get a JSON Web Token. It's recommended to do this server-side, so you don't expose your API key.

    With @apideck/node:

    npm install @apideck/node
    import { Apideck } from '@apideck/node';
    const apideck = new Apideck({
      apiKey: 'REPLACE_WITH_API_KEY',
      appId: 'REPLACE_WITH_APP_ID',
      consumerId: 'REPLACE_WITH_CONSUMER_ID',
    const { data } = await apideck.vault.sessionsCreate({});
    console.log('Token:', data.session_token);

    Pass the JSON Web Token to the Vault component:

    import { Vault } from '@apideck/react-vault';
    const MyComponent = () => {
      return (
          trigger={<button>Open Vault</button>}
    export default MyComponent;

    If you are NOT using Tailwind CSS in your project, make your to include the styles in your project:

    import '@apideck/react-vault/dist/styles.css';

    If you are using Tailwind CSS you should include the package path in the content path of the tailwind.config.js. Also make sure you have the Tailwindcss Forms plugin installed.

    // tailwind.config.js
    module.exports = {
      content: [
      plugins: [require('@tailwindcss/forms')]

    If you want to scope the connection results to a single Unified API, you can do that by giving the unifiedApi prop. If you want to open Vault for only a single connector, you should also provide the serviceId.

    import { Vault } from '@apideck/react-vault';
    const MyComponent = () => {
      return (
          trigger={<button>Open Vault</button>}
    export default MyComponent;

    If you want to manually control the opening and closing of the modal, you can provide the open and onClose props.

    import { Button } from '@apideck/components';
    import { Vault } from '@apideck/react-vault';
    import { useState } from 'react';
    const VaultButton = ({ token }) => {
      const [openVault, setOpenVault] = useState(false);
      const toggleVault = () => {
      return (
        <div className="flex items-center space-x-3">
          <Button text="Open Vault" onClick={toggleVault} />
          <Vault token={token} open={openVault} onClose={toggleVault} />
    export default VaultButton;


    Property Type Required Default Description
    token string true - The JSON Web Token returned from the Create Session call
    trigger element false - The component that should trigger the Vault modal on click
    showAttribution boolean false true Show "Powered by Apideck" in the backdrop of the modal backdrop
    open boolean false false Opens the Vault modal if set to true
    onClose event false - Function that gets called when the modal is closed
    unifiedApi string false - When unifiedApi is provided it will scope the connection results to that API. If also a serviceId is provided Vault opens for a single connection
    serviceId string false - When unifiedApi and serviceId are provided Vault opens a single connection


    npm i @apideck/react-vault

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