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Typescript API Client

A simple, axios based API client that ships with types and powers all of Anime Skip!

This library is generated based on the current introspection result from test.api.anime-skip.com.

echo "@anime-skip:registry=https://npm.pkg.github.com/" >> .npmrc
npm i @anime-skip/api-client

This is an alternative to Apollo or any other GraphQL client library out there! Use something else if you prefer


See the contributing guidelines for all of Anime Skip


To call the api, you need a client id! Checkout the API docs to get one. The one used below is a shared one that anyone can use, but it is heavily rate limitted.

import { createAnimeSkipClient } from '@anime-skip/api-client';
import md5 from 'md5';

// Create the client

const baseUrl = 'https://test.api.anime-skip.com/';
const clientId = 'ZGfO0sMF3eCwLYf8yMSCJjlynwNGRXWE';
const client = createAnimeSkipClient(baseUrl, clientId);

// Call the API

const { authToken } = await client.login(`{ authToken }`, {
  usernameEmail: 'username',
  passwordHash: md5('password'),

// Access the axios instance to add interceptors, retries, etc


The methods exposed on the client match the queries and mutation names used in the graphql. For documentation checkout the api playground! Types are also included as named exports all prefixed with Gql. Extend them, pick from them, or use them directly, whatever you prefer!

import { GqlAccount, GqlEpisode, GqlCreateTimestampArgs, ... } from '@anime-skip/api-client';

E2E Tests

This is where the E2E tests of the API are located. They test both the API and this client library. Contributers should know how to run and update them, but making changes to the backend is not possible because it is private.

If you think there's a problem with the API, head over to the support page to get help: https://www.anime-skip.com/support

All tests are ran inside a local docker environment. To start them, run the following command:

pnpm test:e2e

Between each test suite (file), the database is reset. So if you create a new test suite, make sure you initialize test data and accounts within that file

Tests are orchestrated by e2e/index.ts. It spins the docker environment, runs the jest test suite, and stops docker.

Backend Devs Only

To run the tests against a development version of the api service, first build the dev image, then run the dev tests script

cd /path/to/api-service
cd /path/to/this/project
pnpm test:e2e:dev




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