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HTML Media Elements Tracking Library

Hi! This a JavaScript library to help tracking HTML Media Elements ( video/audio elements ) . I started this new version back in 2019 but it was never publicly announced, now I've rewrote it, and build it as a NPM module and Standalone Library.

The library is provided in the AMD, UMD, IIFE and ESM formats, all of them available in the dist folder

The current data model is based on the one used by Google Tag Manager for YouTube videos, meaning that you'll be able to use the current in-built events.


  • GTM DataLayer Support
  • Tealium Support
  • Automatic new videos/audio detection
  • Data elements support to pass back data for the current video
  • Progress tracking
  • Start, Pause, Mute, Unmute, Seek, Complete and Error events


$ npm install $ npm run build

How to use

The library will expose a public global variable at "window._htmlMediaElementsTracker" and an "init" method that will accept all the parameters / settings.

 <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@thyngster/html-media-elements@latest/dist/htmlMediaElementsTracker.min.js">

        tms: 'debug',
        datalayerVariableNames: ['auto'],
        debug: true,
        observe: true,
        data_elements: true,        
        start: true,
        play: true,
        pause: true,
        mute: true,
        unmute: true,
        complete: true,
        seek: true,
        progress: true,
        error: true,
        progress_tracking_method: 'percentages',
        progress_percentages: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10],
        progress_thresholds: [],        

Configuration Settings

key name value type description
tms string Tag Management System we are using
datalayerVariableNames array If the TMS is Google Tag Manager, we can push the data to an specific dataLayer , by default the library will search for the current dataLayer variable name
debug boolean Enable debug output to console
observe boolean Automatically track newly added video/audio elements
data_elements boolean data-html-media-element-title attribute will be used for elementTitle if provided
start boolean Track Audio/Video Start Event
play boolean Track Audio/Video Play Event
pause boolean Track Audio/Video Pause Event
mute boolean Track Audio/Video Mute Event
unmute boolean Track Audio/Video Unmute Event
complete boolean Track Audio/Video End Event
seek boolean Track Audio/Video Seek Event
progress boolean Track Audio/Video Progress Events
progress_tracking_method boolean 'percentages' or 'thresholds' // thresholds not available yet
progress_percentages array Array of % where we should fire an event
progress_thresholds array TBD

Supported Events

  • [x] start
  • [x] pause
  • [x] mute
  • [x] unmute
  • [x] progress ( % of video played )
  • [x] seek
  • [x] complete ( equals to 100% progress )
  • [x] errors

Data Model

Key Value Example Description
event gtm.audio/gtm.video Current Media Element Type
Provider html5 Fixed value, describes the current media element provider
Status start,pause,mute,unmute,progress, seek, completed, error current media element event name
Url http://www.dom.com Current Video Holding URL ( iframe url reported if it's the case)
Title Video Demo Current video element data-media-element-title value, defaults to current video file name
Duration 230 Media element duration in seconds
CurrentTime 230 Media element current time in seconds
ElapsedTime 230 Elapsed time since last pause/play event
Percent 15 Media element current played %
Visible true|false Reports if the video is visible within the current browser viewport
isMuted true|false Is the current media element muted?
PlaybackRate 1 Media Element PlaybackRate, default: 1
Loop true|false Is the video set to loop?
Volume 0.8 Current Video Volume
NetworkState Network State
Data Object List of custom video data coming from data-attributes tagging
elementClasses "" Element Classes List
elementId "" Element Id
elementTarget "" Element Target
elementUrl "" Element URL

Using a custom Video Title

When using HTML Media Element, we don't have a way to pass any video details, this library will allow you to customize the current video Title being reported.

<video src="" data-html-media-element-title="Demo Video version 1">

This will make the VideoTitle to be reported as "Demo Video version 1", is there's not data-attribute the library will use the current video file name

Passing back video details

You can pass all the custom data you need about the video to have it passed back to the tracking events. To achieve this we can all the data we want to the videos using data-attributes.

This can be done using data-attributes with the following format:

data-html-media-element-param-{{PARAM NAME}}="{{PARA VALUE}}"

All the data added to the <video> elements will be passed back to events so you can used them.

For example:

<video width="400" 
data-html-media-element-param-band="Neil Zaza"
data-html-media-element-param-song-name="I'm Alright"
data-html-media-element-title="video test">
    <source src="mov_bbb.mp4" type="video/mp4">
    <source src="mov_bbb.ogg" type="video/ogg">
    Your browser does not support HTML video.

This will turn on have a videoData (or audioData) object passing the data this way:

     element:  video
     elementClasses:  ""
     elementId:  "vbst4f9ed29"
     elementTarget:  video
     elementUrl:  "https://local.dev/demo/mp3.html"
     event:  "video"
     videoCurrentTime:  2
    	 band:  "Neil Zaza"
    	 category:  "Music"
    	 songname:  "I'm Alright"
     videoDuration:  361
     videoElapsedTime:  2
     videoIsMuted:  false
     videoLoop:  false
     videoNetworkState:  1
     videoPercent:  0
     videoPlaybackRate:  1
     videoProvider:  "html5"
     videoStatus:  "pause"
     videoTitle:  "video test"
     videoUrl:  "mov_bbb.mp4"
     videoVisible:  true
     videoVolume:  1

Dynamically added Media Elements / Modals

The library is able to attach the needed tracking listeners when a video is added dynamically to the site, like when a video is added into a modal using the Mutation Observer API ( where available )

Set config.objserve to true to enable this functionality

This will allow the tracking of dynamically added videos and videos shown on modals.

Tag Manager Systems Support

Despite this library was initially made for GTM it can output the data for some other TMS. It currently supports Google Tag Manager ( dataLayer.push() ) and Tealium ( utag.link() )

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